Usnu, Huánuco

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Usnu, Huánuco is located in Peru
Usnu, Huánuco
Shown within Peru
Location Peru, Huánuco Region, Pachitea Province
Region Andes
Coordinates 9°51′09″S 76°01′48″W / 9.8524°S 76.0301°W / -9.8524; -76.0301Coordinates: 9°51′09″S 76°01′48″W / 9.8524°S 76.0301°W / -9.8524; -76.0301
Height 2,833 metres (9,295 ft)

Usnu (Quechua for altar / a special platform for important celebrations,[1][2] also spelled Ushnu) is an archaeological site in Peru. It is located in the Huánuco Region, Pachitea Province, Umari District, at a height of about 2,833 metres (9,295 ft).[3]


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