Västerhejde Church

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Västerhejde Church
Västerhejde kyrka
Västerhejde Church, exterior view
Västerhejde Church is located in Gotland
Västerhejde Church
Västerhejde Church
57°34′50″N 18°14′53″E / 57.58056°N 18.24806°E / 57.58056; 18.24806Coordinates: 57°34′50″N 18°14′53″E / 57.58056°N 18.24806°E / 57.58056; 18.24806
Country Sweden
Denomination Church of Sweden
Diocese Visby

Västerhejde Church (Swedish: Västerhejde kyrka) is a medieval Lutheran church in Västerhejde on the island of Gotland, Sweden. It belongs to the Diocese of Visby.

History and architecture[edit]

The church was built in Romanesque style during the 13th century, but underwent some changes during the 19th century. The southern portal was then removed, and the spire of the tower changed from its original, pointed design to its presently visible crow-stepped design, traditionally not found on churches of Gotland. The altarpiece, pulpit and pews date from the 17th century. An oil painting by Fredrik Westin that hangs in the church is a gift from Princess Eugenie of Sweden and Norway, who spent several summers in the countryside near the church.[1]


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