Vítkovice Mining and Iron Corporation

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Vítkovice Mining and Iron Corporation (German: Witkowitzer Bergbau- und Hüttengewerkschaft), located in Ostrava-Vítkovice in Czechoslovakia ], was an iron mill founded by Salomon Meyer von Rothschild's heirs in 1873, it was the largest iron and steel works in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.[1]


Originally purchased by the Viennese banker Salomon Mayer von Rothschild in 1843, he also financed the extension of the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway from Vienna to Ostrava with a branch-off to his steel mill, which was completed in 1855.[2]

In 1937, the company was transferred to an English company named the Alliance Assurance Co., Ltd a forerunner of the RSA Insurance Group[3]

The Iron Works did not become the property of the Nazi as they were owned by a London-based Company

After World War II they were nationalised as the Vítkovické železárny Klement Gottwald n.p. (VŽKG) by the Czechoslovak state.