VA-209 (U.S. Navy)

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Attack Squadron 209
A-4L VA-209 launching from FDR 1970.jpg
VA-209 A-4L Skyhawk launching from USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1970
Active 1 July 1970 - 15 August 1971
Country United States
Branch United States Navy Reserve Seal United States Navy Reserve
Type Attack
Aircraft flown
Attack A-4L Skyhawk

VA-209 was a short-lived Attack Squadron of the U.S. Naval Reserve. It was established on 1 July 1970 as part of a reorganization intended to increase the combat readiness of the Naval Air Reserve Force. It was based at Naval Air Station Glenview, Illinois, and flew A-4L Skyhawk aircraft. The squadron was disestablished after one year's service, on 15 August 1971, being replaced by the addition of two fighter squadrons to Reserve Air Wing 20.[1]

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This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons.

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