VH1 is an American pay television network based in New York City owned by ViacomCBS. It was created by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, at the time a division of Warner Communications and the original owner of MTV, launched on January 1, 1985, in the former space of Turner Broadcasting System's short-lived Cable Music Channel; the channel was conceived to build upon the success of sister channel MTV by playing music videos targeting a older demographic than MTV by focusing on the lighter, softer side of popular music. Like MTV, VH1 drifted away from music videos and into reality television programming, albeit with a focus on music personalities and celebrities, shows targeting female audiences. VH1 is best known for franchises such as Behind the Music, the I Love… series, the Celebreality block, Love & Hip Hop; as of January 2016 90.2 million US households receive VH1. VH1's aim was to focus on the lighter, softer side of popular music, including such musicians as Olivia Newton-John, Kenny Rogers, Carly Simon, Tina Turner, Elton John, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Donna Summer, Rod Stewart, Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Anita Baker and Fleetwood Mac, in hopes of appealing to people aged 18 to 35, older.

Featured in the network's early years were "videos" for Motown and other 60s oldies consisting of newsreel and concert footage. It was introduced on January 1, 1985, with the video performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Marvin Gaye, who died a year before the network launched. From the start, Video Hits One was branded as an urban version of its sister/parent channel, it played more jazz and R&B artists than MTV and had a higher rotation of urban-contemporary performers. Its early on-camera personalities were New York radio veterans Don Imus, Frankie Crocker, Scott Shannon, Jon Bauman, Bobby Rivers, Rita Coolidge. VJs included Tim Byrd of WPIX-FM, a station whose eclectic ballad-and-R&B oriented format mirrored that of VH-1, Alison Steele. Rosie O'Donnell joined the outlet's veejay lineup. O'Donnell would host a comedy show featuring various comedians each episode; as an added touch to make the network more like a televised radio station, the early years of the network featured jingles in their bumpers produced by JAM Creative Productions in Dallas, who had made jingles for radio stations worldwide.

The format left room for occasional ad-libs by the VJ, a godsend for emcees such as Imus and O'Donnell. In true Imus style, he used a 1985 segment of his VH-1 show to jokingly call smooth-jazz icon Sade Adu a "grape" for her oval-shaped head. Typical of VH1's early programming was New Visions, a series which featured videos and in-studio performances by smooth jazz and classical and new-age bands and performers, including Spyro Gyra, Andy Narell, Mark Isham, Philip Glass, Yanni. At first many different musicians guest-hosted the program, but musician/songwriter Ben Sidran became the permanent host. New Age music videos continued to play on the channel into the 1990s, they would be seen on the Sunday morning two-hour music video block titled Sunday Brunch. Once VH1 established itself a few years they catered to Top 40, adult contemporary, classic rock, 1980s mainstream pop. For a time country music videos aired in a one-hour block during the afternoons, they started out using MTV's famous Kabel typeface font for their music video credit tags.

It was replaced in 1991 by a larger font, with the year the video was made added to the lower column that identified the label on which the album was released. In 1993, the name of the videos' director was included at the bottom of the credits. During this time, they had some non-music programming, such as a comedy hour hosted by Rosie O'Donnell with various amateur and veteran comedians, called Stand Up Spotlight, an in-depth look at current movies called Flix, reports on good civilians and volunteers in the community, called Good News People; every week, the Top 21 Video Countdown had a different guest host. They had themed countdowns as well, such as Elvira hosting creeppy videos for Halloween in 1991. Long blocks of music videos by a particular artist or band, theme, or years were very popular in this era. One popular weekend program was called Video Rewind, in which blocks of 1980s videos from one particular year would play for an hour. There was a short-lived hour-long program called By Request in which viewers could call a 1–900 hotline number to request their videos.

In 1991, a popular morning program was introduced called Hits News & Weather that ran from 7 AM to 9 AM ET. It composed of music videos both past and present along with a 90-second update of the day's news & weather provided by All News Channel; the updates were shown twice an hour during the program. A box displaying the minutes past the hour was shown below the logo during the period, it was discontinued a week before the channel was re-branded in the Spring of 1994. During the week prior, classic music videos from forgotten artists/bands aired, titled Whatever Happened To...? The channel's playlist was expanding, and, by 1994, included contemporary musicians such as Ace of Base, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Lisa Loeb, Amy Grant and other heavier, or more alternative rock-influenced music than what it had played, although favorites such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart, Elto

Chyler Leigh

Chyler Leigh West, known professionally as Chyler Leigh, is an American actress and model. She is known for portraying Janey Briggs in the comedy film Not Another Teen Movie, Lexie Grey in the ABC medical drama series Grey's Anatomy, Alex Danvers in the DC Comics superhero series Supergirl. Leigh was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, she is the daughter of Robert Potts. Leigh was raised in Virginia Beach, where her parents ran a weight-loss business. However, when Leigh was eight, the business went bankrupt and at the age of twelve, following the break-up of her parents' marriage, Leigh moved with her mother and brother, actor Christopher Khayman Lee, to Miami where her mother remarried her first husband. Following her parents' divorce, Leigh was estranged from her father for many years, but they have since reconciled. While in eighth grade, she started modelling, she soon began acting by appearing in local television commercials and a syndicated teen news show called Hall Pass. In 1999, Leigh and her mother relocated to Los Angeles in order for Leigh to develop a career in acting.

At age 16, Leigh passed the California High School Proficiency Exam. At age 16, Leigh met her future husband, 20-year-old Nathan West, when they both attended auditions for the pilot of an unsuccessful WB series titled Saving Graces, they began a relationship, Leigh left home to move in with West. Leigh described them as being "broken", both having had troubled family lives and difficult upbringings; this led to abuse of drugs such as cocaine, which escalated into addiction. The catalysts for change came in 2001, when Leigh, in the throes of addiction and eating, was told by the director of Not Another Teen Movie that she looked unhealthily thin. Around that time and West attended a Christian church service, at the invitation of a friend, which helped them break free of their addiction. Clean and sober in 2002, they were wed in Alaska surrounded by friends. Leigh started acting at an early age and debuted in the film world at age 15 in 1997's Kickboxing Academy, she started hosting in modeling.

She appeared with the cast in Marilyn Manson's music video "Tainted Love", a song which appeared in the film. She was ranked #65 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2002. In 2002, Leigh was cast in two short-lived TV series: Girls Club, in which she played lawyer Sarah Mickle, That'80s Show, in which she played punk rocker June Tuesday, she became a series regular on the ABC legal drama The Practice, but was let go at the end of the season due to budget cuts. Following that, she joined the cast of Reunion in September 2005. In ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy, Leigh first appeared as a woman in Joe's bar, noticed by Derek Shepherd during the final two episodes of the third season, her character is revealed to be Lexie Grey, the younger half-sister of the titular character. Leigh was made an official series regular for season four and remained so until the eighth-season finale, as Leigh chose to depart from the show after five years to spend more time with her family. Leigh makes music with her husband Nathan West, under the name "WestLeigh".

They have performed originals songs. In 2015, for their thirteenth anniversary they wrote "Love Lit The Sky". On Valentine's Day 2017, they released the single "Nowhere". Leigh has taken part in several of her husband's tours. On June 18, 2017, a single "Spirit of Samba" of Laurent Voulzy was released featuring Leigh, Nina Miranda, Luisa Maita and Eloisia. In October 2015, Leigh began starring in a lead role in the CBS/CW DC Comics television show Supergirl as Alex Danvers, the elder adoptive sister of the titular character and a scientist and government agent at the DEO. In 2002, Leigh married fellow actor Nathan West in Alaska; the couple worked together in 2000 on the television series 7th Heaven, playing Mary Camden's troubled friends Frankie and Johnnie. Leigh and West have three children -- two daughters. Leigh has said that she and her husband have a pact in which the person who guesses the baby's sex gets to choose the name; when pregnant with their first child, she guessed she was having a boy so she chose the first name and Nathan gave him his middle name.

For their second child, Nathan guessed it was a girl, so he named her. Their third child a girl, was guessed by West, he again chose the name. Leigh is a Christian and credits her faith and a "really awesome church" with giving her and her husband "a reason to live", she supports The Thirst Project, a non-profit organization in America which aims to bring safe drinking water to communities around the world. In 2019, Leigh revealed. Leigh and her family live in Los Angeles. "Tainted Love", by Marilyn Manson Brake, as co-producer Official website Chyler Leigh on IMDb

Ichirin no Hana

"Ichirin no Hana" is a single released by High and Mighty Color on January 11, 2006. "Ichirin no Hana" is the band. It retained number two in the Oricon charts for most of the week of its release, making it the group's biggest hit since "Over", surpassed that single in sales, it is a rock song, blended with some rapping from Yūsuke. "Ichirin no Hana" was used as the third opening theme for the anime adaption of Bleach and was certified gold for shipments of over 100,000 by the RIAJ in January 2006. The title of the song is translated to English as "a single flower" "Ichirin no Hana" – 3:40 "Warped Reflection" – 4:07 "Ichirin no Hana ~Huge Hollow Mix~" – 4:37 "Ichirin no Hana" – 3:40All songs written by High and Mighty Color. Hide2 – creative & art direction Tsousie – art direction & design Ryuichi Tamura – co-art design Rocca Works – costume Eiji Tanaki – styling Keiko Nakatani – hair and make-up Atsushi Otaki, Masahiro Aoki, Noriko Yamashita & Kaori"Kacch" Nagai – products coordination January 13, 2006 - Music Fighter January 14, 2006 - CDTV January 20, 2006 - Music Station January 27, 2006 - PopJam January 28, 2006 - Melodix