VIP Protection Unit

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VIP Protection Unit
Post-RHKP VIP Protection Unit Patch.jpg
Logo of the VIP Protection Unit.
Country Hong Kong
BranchHong Kong Police Force
TypeProtective security units
SizeAbout 90 officers
Part of'B' Department - Crime and Security Wings
Nickname(s)G4 (Former)
VIPPU (Current)
Craig Foster[1]
Former Very Important Person Protection Unit patch.

The VIP Protection Unit (Abbreviation: VIPPU; Chinese: 要員保護組), otherwise known as G4 (originally Section G, Division 4) is a branch of the Hong Kong Police Force.


The original name had been given to the unit since it is the 4th division of the former Royal Hong Kong Police Force's Special Branch.[2]

Following the disbanding of the RHKP Special Branch in 1995, the VIP Unit was reassigned under the Security Wing of the Hong Kong Police Force after the handover in 1997.


It has primary responsibility for the personal safety of HKSAR Chief Executive and his/her core family (it was Governor and his family before the Handover in 1997), high-rank government officials, VIPs and visiting dignitaries to Hong Kong, therefore the training techniques taught to all VIPPU officers include VIP protection and unarmed combat.[3]

In addition they also undergo training in firearms, crowd control, self-defense, tactical driving, physical and tactical training, Basic Trauma Life Support and English and Putonghua fluency,[4] they also practice simulation exercises with the PTU and the SDU.[4]


  • Luxury bullet-proofed armoured cars are often deployed in protective missions.


The standard issue sidearms for all VIPPU is the Glock 17 and the Glock 19 for females or officers with smaller hands while the short version of the Heckler & Koch MP5 is the standard SMG and could be deployed in multiple variants, such as the K 、K-PDW and Coffer.

Apart from firearms, ASP expandable batons or a Taser are carried for less-than-lethal options to the VIPPU officers. Flashbangs and smoke grenades are also used to provide cover for escorting the VIP when being attacked by intruders.

Known involvement[edit]

The VIP Protection Unit are involved in protecting Hong Kong from any kind of disturbances, including demonstrations in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Hong Kong.[5]