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Developer IBM
OS family DOS/360 and successors
Working state Current
Source model Closed source
Latest release IBM z/VSE V6.2 / December 1, 2017 [1]
Marketing target IBM mainframe computers
License Proprietary
Official website www.ibm.com/systems/z/os/zvse/
History of IBM mainframe operating systems

z/VSE (Virtual Storage Extended) is an operating system for IBM mainframe computers, the latest one in the DOS/360 lineage, which originated in 1965. Announced Feb. 1, 2005 by IBM as successor to VSA/ESA 2.7, then-new z/VSE[2][3]was named to reflect the new "System z" branding for IBM's mainframe product line.[4][5]

It is less common than prominent z/OS and is mostly used on smaller machines.[6][7]


DOS/360 originally supported 24-bit addressing. As the underlying hardware evolved, VSE/ESA acquired support for 31-bit addressing.[8]

IBM released z/VSE Version 4, which requires 64-bit z/Architecture hardware and supports 64-bit real mode addressing, in 2007. With z/VSE 5.1 (available since 2011)[8] z/VSE introduced 64 bit virtual addressing and memory objects (chunks of virtual storage), that are allocated above 2 GB. The latest shipping release is z/VSE 6.2.0 - available since December 2017,[9] which includes the new CICS Transaction Server for z/VSE 2.2.

User interfaces[edit]

Job Control Lanaguage (JCL)[edit]

A Job Control Language (JCL) that continues in the positional-parameter orientation of earlier DOS systems is z/VSE's batch processing primary user interface.[10][11] There is also another, special interface for system console operators.[12]

Beyond batch[edit]

IBM recommends[13] and "most VSE users also have the z/VM operating system."[14]

z/VSE, like z/OS systems, had traditionally supported 3270 terminal user interfaces. However, most z/VSE installations have at least begun to add Web browser access to z/VSE applications. z/VSE's TCP/IP is a separately priced option for historic reasons, and is available in two different versions from two vendors. Both vendors provide a full function TCP/IP stack with applications, such as telnet and FTP. One TCP/IP stack provides IPv4 communication only, the other IPv4 and IPv6 communication. In addition to the commercially available TCP/IP stacks for z/VSE, IBM also provides the Linux Fastpath method which uses IUCV socket connections to communicate with a Linux guest, also running on the mainframe.

Using this method the z/VSE system is able to fully exploit the native Linux TCP/IP stack.[15]

IBM recommends[13] that z/VSE customers run Linux on z Systems alongside, on the same physical system, to provide another 64-bit application environment that can access and extend z/VSE applications and data via Hipersockets using a wide variety of middleware. CICS, one of the most popular enterprise transaction processing systems, is extremely popular among z/VSE users and now supports recent innovations such as Web services. DB2 is also available and popular.

Device support[edit]

Fibre Channel access to SCSI storage devices was initially supported by z/VSE 3.1 on a limited basis (including on IBM's Enterprise Storage Server (ESS), IBM System Storage DS8000, DS6000 series), but the limitations disappeared with 4.2 (thus including IBM Storwize V7000, V5000, V3700 and V9000).[16]

Older z/VSE versions[edit]

The last VSE/ESA release - VSE/ESA 2.7 - is no longer supported since February 28, 2007.[17] z/VSE 3.1 was the last release, that was compatible with 31-bit mainframes, as opposed to z/VSE Version 4, 5 and 6. z/VSE 3.1 was supported to 2009.[17] z/VSE Version 4 is no longer supported since October 2014 (end of service for z/VSE 4.3).

For VSE/ESA, DOS/VSE, VSE/SP, see History of IBM mainframe operating systems#DOS/VS

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