Vahid Musayev

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Vahid Musayev
Vahid Musayev
Acting Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan
In office
August 1993 – August 25, 1993
PresidentHeydar Aliyev (acting)
Preceded bySafar Abiyev (acting)
Succeeded byMammadrafi Mammadov
Personal details
BornNovember 15, 1947
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
DiedJanuary 8, 1999
Gobustan, Azerbaijan
Military service
Service/branchCoat of arms of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.png Azerbaijani Armed Forces
RankMajor General

Vahid Musayev Abdulla oglu (Azerbaijani: Vahid Musayev Abdulla oğlu) (died January 8, 1999) was the deputy Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan and Acting Minister within the month of August (unspecified), 1993.[1]

Political career[edit]

Musayev was Deputy Minister of Defense and was assigned by the Speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan and acting President Heydar Aliyev to lead the ministry until the new minister was appointed. Due to numerous mistakes during the operation to stabilize the situation in southern Azerbaijani regions of Lankoran, Astara, Masalli, Lerik, Yardimli, Jalilabad and Bilasuvar raions in August 1993 which led to civilian injuries, he was first demoted from the rank of Major General and then sacked as Deputy Minister of Defense on August 25, 1993.[2][3]

General's plot[edit]

Vahid Musayev is well known as one of the masterminds of the so-called General's Plot to overthrow the government of President Heydar Aliyev.[4] General Vahid Musayev, general Rafig Agayev, general Shahin Musayev, Murad Sadaddinov and Faig Bakhishaliyev (former members of Special Purpose Police Unit (OPON)) and a few other colonels were arrested in August 1995 on charges of organizing coup d'état by planning to shoot the presidential airplane down in a premeditated rocket attack in May 1995.[5][6][7] Vahid Mustafayev was sentenced to 15 years and jailed at Gobustan correctional institution.[8]


On the night of January 7–8, 1999 Vahid Musayev along with Faig Bakhishaliyev and imprisoned members of OPON organized a prison revolt managing to capture weapons, and taking other prisoners and guards hostage. The standoff between government forces and the rebels continued until late hours of January 8 as the rebels held 28 prison guards hostage. As a result, rebels including Vahid Musayev and several other main organizers were killed during the shootout between the rebels and Azerbaijani special anti-terror forces detachments, after all negotiations failed. Two servicemen were killed and twenty five were injured.[4][9]

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