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Vancouver Film School
Vancouver Film School logo.svg
Type Private
Established 1987 (1987)
President James Griffin
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Website Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School (VFS) is a private entertainment arts school located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 1987, it has achieved international recognition.[1] The Vancouver Film School has campus locations around Downtown Vancouver and comprises six buildings.[2] As part of the school's 20th anniversary in 2007, in August 2006 one million dollars was set aside in scholarships for new students.[3] In March, 2008, Vancouver Film School and YouTube launched a competition for three full-tuition scholarships for the creators of the three videos submitted and voted as favorites by the YouTube community.[4]


VFS opened in January 1987 with a single class of six film students[5] and has steadily expanded since. Recent milestones in the school's history include hosting the annual Game Design Expo in Vancouver, which began in January 2007,[6] and partnering with YouTube to launch a 2008 scholarship competition for the creators of three videos submitted and voted upon by the YouTube community.[4]


VFS offers one-year, hands-on production programs,[7] including Film Production, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, Acting for Film & Television, Digital Design, Entertainment Business Management, Foundation Visual Art & Design, Game Design, Makeup Design for Film & Television, Sound Design for Visual Media, and Writing for Film & Television. The school also runs a four-month Acting Essentials course and a 6-month Digital Character Animation program.[8]

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