Vasile Lupu High School Group

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Vasile Lupu High School Group
Abbreviation Majadahonda
Formation 1940
Extinction 1941
Type anti-Soviet group
Official language

Vasile Lupu High School Group (Romanian:Grupul Liceul "Vasile Lupu") was one of the first organized anti-Soviet groups in Bessarabia in the wake of its occupation by the Soviet Union on June 28, 1940.


It was formed by the students and some teachers of the Vasile Lupu high school in Orhei, which was renamed by the Soviets a Pedagogical School.

After a series of small actions, such as writing anti-Soviets slogans on public walls ("Death to the Stalinist occupiers!", "Go home, barbarians!", "Down with the executioner Stalin! Bessarabia to Bessarabians!", "Long live Romanian nation!"), and spread of anti-Soviet manifestos, they did an extrodinary achievement: during the Christmas night 1940, they took down the Soviet red flags, and put up Romanian flags on top of several buildings in Orhei, including the city hall, the Communist Party of Romania building, the NKVD headquarters. In January 1941, NKVD managed to crack into the organization and arrest most of its members. The sentence was pronounced on June 24, 1941.[1]


Onisie Cozma.jpg
  • Dumitru Avramoglo (born in 1922, in Puţintei), condemned to death
  • Victor Brodeţchi (b. 1924), condemned to death
  • Anatol Cotun, condemned to death
  • Onisie Cozama (b. 1922), condemned to death
  • Dumitru Dobândă (b. 1922), condemned to death
  • Mihail Dobândă, condemned to death
  • Antol Duca (b. 1922), condemned to death
  • Vichentie Eprov (b. 1923), condemned to death
  • Haralambie Grăjdianu, condemned to death
  • Mihai Grăjdianu (b. 1922), condemned to death
  • Antol Guma (b. 1922), condemned to death
  • Gheorghe Mihu (b. 1921), condemned to death
  • Constantin Sârbu, condemned to death

Most of them were executed in Chişinău on June 27, 1941, according to a report of the Odessa Military Tribunal, signed Axelrod. Other members:

  • Vlad Alexeev, condemned, disappeared in Siberia
  • Ion Bacalu (b. 1924), condemned to 25 years imprisonment, died in detention
  • Pavel Boguş (b. 1924, in Mana), condemned to 25 years, died in detention
  • Eugen Braşoveanu (b. 1924), condemned to 25 years, died in detention
  • Serghei Buiuc (b. 1924), condemned to 10 years
  • Vsevolod Ciobanu, condemned to 10 years, disappeared in Siberia
  • Nicole Cuculescu (b. 1923), condemned to 20 years
  • Oleg Frunză (b. 1928, only 13 years old), condemned to 10 years
  • Victor Guma (b. 1923), condemned to 25 years, died in detention
  • Maria Manjaru, teacher, condemned to 10 years for not denouncing, survived
  • Gheorghe Martânov (b. 1924), condemned to 25 years, freed in 1954
  • Dumitru Munteanu, teacher
  • Dumitu Stici, condemned to 10 years, disappeared in Siberia

The investigation was led by G. Goldberg, chief of the Orhei County Section of NKVD, and was conducted by Konopekin, chief investigator, Terebilo, deputy, Cherepanov, Malinin, Morev, Nikitovich, Plotnikov, and Toporov, investigators.[2]



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