Maghnia is a town in Tlemcen Province, northwestern Algeria. It is the second most populated town in Tlemcen Province, after Tlemcen; the current population is over 200,000. Archaeologists have found evidence of prehistoric people in the area, who were displaced by the Phoenicians; the remnants of burned Ancient Roman military posts were discovered by the French army in 1836, when they entered the area. As such, it was the westernmost outpost of Mauretania Caesariensis. Due to its convenient geographical location — within the watershed of Wadi Tafna midway between Fes and Tlemcen, Maghnia served as a marketplace for regional nomads; the Berbers named the place Lalla Marnia, after a local saint buried in the vicinity. Her mausoleum was built in the 18th century. Ahmad ben Bella, the first President of independent Algeria, was born in Maghnia in 1916. Sid Ahmed Ghozali, politician Emma Vecla, French operatic soprano Mahboub Bachir, Moudjahid

Anything (Edyta Górniak song)

“Anything” is the second single from Edyta Górniak's self-titled second studio album. The song was produced by Christopher Neil; the single was released in Belgium. It had some success in Spain; the maxi single of "Anything" includes a cover of A-Ha's song "Hunting High and Low", available as a bonus track only on the Japanese edition of the album. The single cover includes pictures by photographer Marlena Bielińska. Anything That's The Way I Feel About You Anything That's The Way I Feel About You Hunting High and Low The music video for "Anything" was directed by Phil Griffin; the video starts with Edyta singing in a black room. Edyta is dancing with a group of dancers in front of her lover. In the next scene she is sitting at the edge of a bed. Next Edyta dances once again with her dancers. In the next scene Edyta is sitting on the floor in front of her sitting lover in a room with a red floor and white and red walls and he kiss her after a time. Afterwards different scenes were repeat and Edyta is shown hugged and lying close to her lover in bed or sitting on a chair behind her lover.

The video ends with a close-up view of Edyta