Victoria Day (Scotland)

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Victoria Day
Observed byScotland
Datelast Monday before or on 24 May
2018 date21 May
2019 date20 May
2020 date18 May
2021 date24 May

Victoria Day is a public holiday in parts of Eastern Central Scotland, chiefly the cities of Dundee and Edinburgh, although it was formerly more widespread. It is celebrated on the last Monday before or on 24 May and commemorates Queen Victoria's birthday (24 May 1819).

Traditionally schools, and some offices and shops, are closed on Victoria Day, but it is not a bank holiday, meaning that government offices and banks remain open;[1][2] because of its proximity to the Spring Bank Holiday a week later, Victoria Day is often marked on that date. As with many public holidays very few shops in Scotland now observe it.

In 2017, the City of Dundee council lists the Spring Bank Holiday (29th May) as Victoria Day,[2] whilst the City of Edinburgh lists Victoria Day as being 22nd May,[3] it is no longer listed as a recognised public holiday in areas where it was formerly observed, including Renfrewshire and Perth and Kinross.

It is also a holiday in Canada, celebrated at the same time.

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