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Victorian Legislative Assembly

The Victorian Legislative Assembly is the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of Victoria in Australia. Both houses sit at Parliament House in Melbourne; the presiding officer of the Legislative Assembly is the Speaker. There are presently 88 members of the Legislative Assembly elected from single-member divisions. Victoria was proclaimed a Colony on 1 July 1851 separating from the Colony of New South Wales by an act of the British Parliament; the Legislative Assembly was created on 13 March 1856 with the passing of the Victorian Electoral Bill, five years after the creation of the original unicameral Legislative Council. The Assembly first met on 21 November 1856, consisted of sixty members representing thirty-seven multi and single-member electorates. On the Federation of Australia on 1 January 1901, the Parliament of Victoria continued except that the colony was now called a state. In 1917, the Nationalist government in Victoria introduced compulsory preferential voting before the 1917 state election.

This enabled the factions in the party to field competing candidates without splitting the vote by keeping preferences within the party. The Legislative Assembly presently consists of 88 members, each elected in single-member electoral districts, more known as electorates or seats, using preferential voting, the same voting system used for the federal lower house, the Australian House of Representatives. Members represent the same population in each electorate. Members of the Legislative Assembly are elected for a fixed term of 4 years, with elections occurring on the last Saturday of November every 4 years. There are no limits to the number of terms. Casual vacancies are filled at a by-election. At the beginning of each new parliamentary term, the Legislative Assembly elects one of its members as a presiding officer, known as the Speaker. If the incumbent Speaker seeks a new term the House may re-elect him or her by passing a motion. In practice, the Speaker is a member of the governing party or parties, who have the majority in the House.

The Speaker continues to be a member of his or her political party, but it is left to their individual discretion as to whether or not they attend party meetings. The Speaker continues to carry out his or her ordinary electorate duties as a member of Parliament and must take part in an election campaign to be re-elected as a member of Parliament. A Deputy Speaker is elected by the Assembly, who supports and assists the Speaker in the execution of their duties; the Legislative Assembly is supported by a department of civil servants who provide procedural and administrative advice on the running of the Assembly, performs other functions. The head of the department is the Clerk of the Assembly, assisted by a deputy clerk, an assistant clerk committees and an assistant clerk procedure; the Assembly is assisted by a serjeant-at-arms, who at present holds the position of assistant clerk procedure. Most legislation is initiated in the Legislative Assembly; the party or coalition with a majority of seats in the lower house is invited by the Governor to form government.

The leader of that party subsequently becomes Premier of Victoria, their senior colleagues become ministers responsible for various portfolios. As Australian political parties traditionally vote along party lines, most legislation introduced by the governing party will pass through the legislative assembly. Privileges Committee Standing Orders Committee 2018 Victorian state election List of members of the Victorian Legislative Assembly List of Victorian state by-elections Parliaments of the Australian states and territories VLA Hansard Assembly Members List Elections since 1856 Roles

Maple Leaf Forever Guitars

The Maple Leaf Forever Guitars refer to two Guitars, one acoustic and one electric, made from the tree that inspired Alexander Muir to write "The Maple Leaf Forever". The guitars are loaned to a different musician each year. In 1867 Alexander Muir, a Scottish immigrant, lived on Laing Street in Ontario. Following Canada's confederation, a large maple tree on his street inspired Muir to write "The Maple Leaf Forever"; the song was used as Canada's unofficial national anthem. In July 2013 a thunder storm destroyed the tree; the fallen tree was going to become mulch, but due to public outcry its wood was saved and used for projects that would preserve its cultural importance to Canada. Significant objects made from the tree include the gavel for the Supreme Court of Canada and the speaker's podium for Toronto City Council. In 2014 Colin Cripps and Craig Scott came up with the idea of making guitars from the tree. Cripps expressed desire for the guitars to be custodial, so that they would be passed from musician to musician instead of being owned by one person.

After approval by City Council, David Fox was chosen to build the acoustic guitar while Tom Bartlett built the electric. The guitars were completed in September 2015. 2016 – Colin Cripps of Blue Rodeo 2017 – Jason Barry 2016 – Paul Langlois of the Tragically Hip 2017 – Sam Roberts

M. Alexander Jurkat

M. Alexander Jurkat is an attorney, a game designer who has worked on role-playing games. M. Alexander Jurkat is an attorney who gave George Vasilakos the idea to license the property of a small press roleplaying game called Battlelords of the 23rd Century that Jurkat had worked on, the result of, published as the Battlelords CCG through Vasilakos' New Millennium Entertainment. New Millennium went out of business after being unable to deal with its CCG-related debts, on July 4, 1997, Vasilakos and Jurkat—together with investor Ed Healy—announced that they had formed the new gaming company, Eden Studios. Vasilakos and Jurkat were fans of C. J. Carella's work, in July 1998 they announced an exclusive license to Carella's WitchCraft and Armageddon role-playing games published by small-press roleplaying company Myrmidon Press. Eden Studios arranged a deal with Steve Jackson Games to produce GURPS Conspiracy X, authored by Jurkat. Vasilakos and Jurkat decided to make Unisystem the house system of Eden Studios, first displaying this intention with the RPG All Flesh Must Be Eaten, written by Vasilakos and Christopher Shy and edited by Jurkat.

Jurkat ceased being an owner in Eden Studios in 2005 and left the company's day-to-day operations behind in 2006 becoming a freelance editor for companies like Margaret Weis Productions and Wizards of the Coast. His Dungeons & Dragons design work includes the Magic Item Compendium and Player's Option: Heroes of Shadow. "M. Alexander Jurkat:: Pen & Paper RPG Database". Archived from the original on February 16, 2005

Bob Bolder

Robert John Bolder is an English former footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He started his career with local team Dover F. C. before moving to Sheffield Wednesday at the age of just 19. He played over 200 games whilst at Hillsborough. In 1983, he started a two-year stint as back-up for Bruce Grobbelaar at Liverpool, he won the European Cup in 1984. He left Liverpool in 1985 for a brief spell with Sunderland before joining Charlton Athletic a year later, he established himself as first choice'keeper for the Addicks for seven years. He was forced to retire from professional football in 1993 and had spells in non-league football with Dagenham & Redbridge and Margate, he has since returned to Charlton as part of their work in the community scheme. He plays in goal for the Liverpool Masters team. LiverpoolFootball League First Division: 1983–84 League Cup: 1983–84 European Cup: 1983–84 Bob Bolder at Post War English & Scottish Football League A–Z Player's Database Profile at

Moscow Cat Museum

Moscow Cat Museum is a museum in Moscow, created in 1993 and dedicated to the theme of cats in art and life. Between May and June 1992, exhibitions organised by Andrei Abramov were held around Moscow, with painters and other artists, with a focus on the feline form; the exhibition program was titled'Cat's Eye', this would be a running title for special exhibits at the museum. The program was so successful that it led Andrei creating the Moscow Cat Museum in Moscow, Central Federal District in March 1993; as well as art ranging from batiks to photographs, the museum includes books and suits, all centered on the theme of cats. The museum had to be moved to Rublyovskoye Shosse as the initial sponsors, a pet food company, withdrew their funding; the list of main expositions includes Cat's Eye and Cats, Cat's Magic, Children's Pictures of Cats, Cat Around the Map projects. Though the museum contains trinkets such as biscuits and postcards, none of what is displayed is on sale; the museum is host to Cat' beauty contest.

Hosted as part of a wider festival, its main judging criteria is stated as judging "the gracefulness and harmony of the pair and cat". However, extra points are awarded for cat knowledge, a special challenge is issued for contestants. Official website

Luis Silverio

Luis Pascual Silverio is a former Major League Baseball coach serving as the Senior Advisor to Latin American Operations for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 2011 and 2012, he was the first-base and baserunning coach for the Pirates' major league team. Prior to joining the Pittsburgh organization, Silverio spent thirty-five years in the Kansas City Royals' organization, was a coach at the Major League level for the Royals from 2003–2008. Silverio has been associated with the Royals since he signed as a non-drafted free agent on November 12, 1973, he played 8 games with the Royals in September 1978. Silverio coached in the Royals minor league system from 1983 to 1989, he was the general manager of the Royals' Dominican League entry from 1990 to 1992, the coordinator of Latin American operations from 1993 to 1999, the coordinator of Dominican operation from 2000 to 2002, player development coordinator in 2009–2010. His daughter, Jennifer, is married to former Royals shortstop Ángel Berroa. Silverio has lives in Florida.

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