Video Electronics Standards Association

VESA, formally known as Video Electronics Standards Association, is a technical standards organization for computer display standards. The organization was incorporated in California in July 1989 and has its office in San Jose, California, it claims a membership of over 225 companies. In November 1988, NEC Home Electronics announced its creation of the association to develop and promote a Super VGA computer display standard as a successor to IBM's proprietary Video Graphics Array display standard. Super VGA enabled graphics display resolutions up to 800×600 pixels, compared to VGA's maximum resolution of 640×480 pixels—a 36% increase; the organization has since issued several additional standards related to computer video display. Feature connector, obsolete connector, present on older videocards, used as an 8-bit video bus to other devices VESA Advanced Feature Connector, newer version of the VFC that widens the bus to either a 16-bit or 32-bit bus VESA Local Bus, once used as a fast video bus VESA BIOS Extensions, used for enabling standard support for advanced video modes Display Data Channel, a data link protocol which allows a host device to control an attached display and communicate EDID, DPMS, MCCS and similar messages Extended Display Identification Data, a data format for display identification data Monitor Control Command Set, a message protocol for controlling display parameters such as brightness, display orientation from the host device DisplayID, display identification data format, a replacement for E-EDID VESA Display Power Management Signaling, which allows monitors to be queried on the types of power saving modes they support Digital Packet Video Link, a display link standard that allows to update only portions of the screen VESA Stereo, a standard 3-pin connector for synchronization of stereoscopic images with LC shutter glasses Flat Display Mounting Interface Generalized Timing Formula, video timing standard Coordinated Video Timings, a replacement for GTF VESA Video Interface Port, a digital video interface standard DisplayPort a digital display interface standard VESA Enhanced Video Connector, an obsolete standard for reducing the number of cables around computers The following major companies are members of VESA.

AMD Apple Inc. Canon Inc. Casio Dell Dolby Laboratories Foxconn Fujitsu Gigabyte Technology Google HP HTC Huawei Ikegami Tsushinki Intel Corporation JVC Kenwood Lenovo LG Electronics Maxell Microsoft NEC Nvidia Panasonic Samsung Electronics Seiko Epson Sony VESA has been criticized for their policy of charging non-members for some of their published standards; some people believe the practice of charging for specifications has undermined the purpose of the VESA organization. According to Kendall Bennett, developer of the VBE/AF standard, the VESA Software Standards Committee was closed down due to a lack of interest resulting from charging high prices for specifications. At that time no VESA standards were available for free. Although VESA now hosts some free standards documents, the free collection does not include newly developed standards. For obsolete standards, the free collection is incomplete; as of 2010, current standards documents from VESA cost hundreds to thousands of dollars each. Some older standards are not available for purchase.

As of 2017, the free downloads require mandatory registration. While not all standards bodies provide specifications available for download, many do, including: ITU, JEDEC, DDWG, HDMI. At the time DisplayPort was announced, VESA was criticized for developing the specification in secret and having a track record of developing unsuccessful digital interface standards, including Plug & Display and Digital Flat Panel. Official website

Stadel bei Herrieden

Stadel bei Herrieden is a farm village of 120 residents, administratively part of the large town of Herrieden and administratively within the city/district of Ansbach. Stadel is situated in the Middle Franconia region of Germany, it is 2 km west of the upper Altmühl river on the main road between the small cities of Herrieden and Aurach. Stadel is about 11 km southwest of the city of Ansbach, 49 km southwest of the city of Nürnberg, 93 km east of Heilbronn and 143 km northwest of Munich, it is situated east of the village of Stegbruck, west of the town of Aurach, north of the village of Schönau and south of the village of Hillsbach. Stadel is the seventh largest village under the town of Herrieden. Stadel is home to Herrieden's model airplane center. Official website FMSG-Herrieden-Stadel

Hernán Rodrigo López

Hernán Rodrigo López Mora known as Rodrigo López, is an Uruguayan former footballer who played as a forward. He is the head coach of Sportivo Luqueño. Born in Montevideo, López began his career with River Plate de Montevideo in Uruguay, he had short stints with Torino F. C. of Italy and AO Kavala of Greece in 1998 along with compatriot Pablo Gaglianone. In 2000, he joined Colo-Colo of Chile, he returned to Uruguay in 2001 to play for Danubio FC and in 2002 he joined Racing Club de Montevideo Between 2002 and 2004 he enjoyed a successful stint with Olimpia of Paraguay where he was part of the team that won both Copa Libertadores 2002 and Recopa Sudamericana 2003. In 2004, he joined Mexican side Pachuca CF but after only a few games he returned to Paraguay to play for Libertad where he scored an impressive 39 goals in 71 league games, won the Primera División championship in 2006 and finished as the topscorer. López returned to Mexican football in 2008 joining Club América where he played alongside a number of other South American players such as Federico Insúa of Argentina and Salvador Cabañas.

He had a successful time with América, scoring a famous hat-trick against Tecos in the 2007 Apertura and helping the team to win the 2008 InterLiga. In 2008, he joined Argentine Vélez Sársfield and had an unsuccessful start with the team reverted by contributing 11 goals in their championship season of Clausura 2009. López was bought by Argentine side Estudiantes de La Plata in June 2010 for a fee of around US$750,000, he scored a number of vital goals for the club in his first season helping the club to win the Apertura 2010 tournament. He scored his first hat-trick for Estudiantes with three headers in a 5–1 win against Paraguayan side Guaraní in the group stages of the 2011 Copa Libertadores. In the following game he scored the winning goal against league leaders Racing Club. On July 2011, he signed a two-year contract with Club Atlético Banfield. One year he returned to Paraguayan Football signing for Cerro Porteño, he was transferred to Sportivo Luqueño and now he is the main scorer of Libertad, being the topscorer at the 2014 Apertura, scoring 19 goals.

On the youth level, López was runner-up with Uruguay U-20 at the 1997 FIFA World Youth Championship. He played the final against Argentina. López played a friendly match for Uruguay against China in 1996. Thirteen years in 2009, he was called again by coach Oscar Washington Tabárez for a friendly match against Algeria and for the World Cup qualifying games against Peru and Colombia, he was part of the squad that achieved the qualification by defeating Costa Rica on the playoff. However, he was not part of the Uruguayan squad. On 27 July 2010, he was called up to play a friendly match against Angola in Lisboa. Following the departure of Celso Ayala, López was appointed manager of Paraguayan club Sportivo Luqueño on 3 March 2020. Olimpia Copa Libertadores: 2002 Recopa Sudamericana: 2003Libertad Paraguayan Primera División: 2006, 2014 AperturaAmérica InterLiga: 2008Vélez Sársfield Argentine Primera División: 2009 ClausuraEstudiantes Argentine Primera División: 2010 Apertura Paraguayan Primera División top scorer: 2006 Paraguayan Primera División top scorer: 2013 Clausura Paraguayan Primera División top scorer: 2014 Apertura Hernán Rodrigo López – Liga MX stats at Hernán Rodrigo López at at the Wayback Machine Rodrigo López at at Hernán Rodrigo López Mora – Argentine Primera statistics at Futbol XXI at the Wayback Machine Rodrigo López at Soccerway