Vienne is a department in the French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It takes its name from the river Vienne. Established on March 4, 1790 during the French Revolution, Vienne is one of the original 83 departments, it was created from parts of the former provinces of Poitou and Berry, the latter being a part of the Duchy of Aquitaine until the 15th century. The original Acadians, who settled in and around what is now Nova Scotia, left Vienne for North America after 1604. Kennedy argues that the emigrants carried to Canada social structure, they were frontier peoples. They emphasized trading for a profit, they were politically active. Édith Cresson, France's first woman Prime Minister from 1991-1992, was a deputy for the department. It has three arrondissements: Poitiers, the prefecture, the subprefectures Châtellerault and Montmorillon. Population development since 1801: The capital Poitiers is the see of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Poitiers, which pastorally serves the department; the most famous tourist sites include the Futuroscope theme park, the Abbey Church of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe, a UNESCO world heritage site, the animal parks of Monkey's Valley in Romagne & the Crocodile Planet in Civaux.

Goat cheese making is an important industry of Vienne. Vienne has a partnership relationship with: Communes of the Vienne department Cantons of the Vienne department Arrondissements of the Vienne department Anjou wine French Vienne Tourism Agency General Council website

London Breed

London Nicole Breed is an American politician from California, the 45th mayor of the City and County of San Francisco. She served as supervisor for District 5, was president of the Board of Supervisors from 2015 to 2018. Raised in poverty in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco, Breed worked in government after college, she was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2012, elected its president in 2015. As president of the Board, according to the city charter, became the acting mayor of San Francisco following the death of Mayor Ed Lee, she served in this role from December 12, 2017, to January 23, 2018. Breed was the winning candidate in the San Francisco mayoral special election held on June 5, 2018. Breed is the first black woman and second woman overall to be elected mayor of San Francisco, she was sworn in as mayor on July 11, 2018. Born in San Francisco, Breed was raised by her grandmother in Plaza East public housing in the Western Addition neighborhood of the city. Breed wrote of her childhood in San Francisco: "ive of us liv on $900 per month.'Recycling' meant drinking out of old mayonnaise jars.

Violence was never far away. And once a week, we took Grandma's pushcart to the community room to collect government-issued groceries." Her younger sister died of a drug overdose in 2006 and her brother is in prison serving a 44-year sentence for a 2000 manslaughter and armed robbery conviction, for which Breed has asked for clemency from the governor's office. Breed graduated with honors from Galileo High School, she earned a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of California, Davis in 1997 and a master's degree in public administration from the University of San Francisco in 2012. Breed worked as an intern in the Office of Neighborhood Services for Mayor Willie Brown. In 2002, she became the executive director of the African American Art & Culture Complex, where she raised over $2.5 million to renovate the complex's 34,000 square foot space, including an art gallery, theater space, a recording studio. Breed was named to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commission in 2004.

In 2010, Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed her to the San Francisco Fire Commission. In November 2012, Breed was elected to the District 5 supervisor seat, defeating incumbent Christina Olague, appointed to the seat that year by Mayor Ed Lee after Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi was elected sheriff. Following five rounds of ranked-choice voting allocations, Breed won by over 12 points, marking the first time in San Francisco history that a challenger unseated a district supervisor. Breed was inaugurated as District 5 supervisor on January 8, 2013, with then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris administering the oath of office. On January 8, 2015, Breed was elected President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors first by a vote of 8 to 3 and unanimously, she defeated supervisor David Campos, nominated for the position. Breed succeeded District Four Supervisor Katy Tang, who assumed the presidency temporarily after then-Board President David Chiu resigned to begin serving in the California Assembly.

As part of an FBI investigation into public corruption and bid-fixing involving then-State Senator Leland Yee, businessman Derf Butler was recorded talking about paying for access to Breed. According to court documents released in 2015, Butler told an FBI source that he "pays Supervisor Breed with untraceable debit cards for clothing and trips in exchange for advantages on contracts in San Francisco." The allegation was denied by Breed, who as a member of the Board of Supervisors had no role in contract selections, no evidence has been presented to substantiate it. In February 2016, Breed announced her reelection bid to represent District 5; the top issues she identified in her announcement were building and protecting affordable housing, increasing public safety, improving environmental health, modernizing public transportation. Dean Preston, an attorney, ran against her. Breed won reelection 52% to 48% on November 8, 2016, beating Preston in 46 of the district's 68 precincts. Breed was unanimously reelected to another two-year term as Board President on January 9, 2017.

No other supervisors were nominated for the position. Following the death of Mayor Ed Lee on December 12, 2017, Breed became the city's Acting Mayor by virtue of her position as President of the Board of Supervisors, she served in this position until January 23, 2018, when the Board of Supervisors selected Mark Farrell to serve as interim mayor until a special election on June 5. Supervisors Aaron Peskin, Jane Kim, others considered the progressive members of the board, sought to deny Breed the benefits of incumbency going into the election. Progressive Supervisor Hillary Ronen, former Chief of Staff to Breed's erstwhile opponent for the Board of Supervisors presidency David Campos, delivered a tearful speech accusing Breed of being supported by "white, rich men" and "billionaires" such as Ron Conway; the Supervisors' choice, Mark Farrell, was a white male venture capitalist whose firm Conway had invested in. Breed ran in the mayoral special election held on June 5, she led in the initial count's first-place votes with 35.6 percent, with Mark Leno in second with 25.9 percent, Kim with 22.8 percent.

Leno took the lead early the next day after the initial tabulation of ranked-choice ballots, but Breed retook the lead on June 9. On June 13, with only 8,000 ballots left to cou

MS Combi Dock III

MS Combi Dock III is a semi-submersible heavy-lift ship, a specialized cargo vessel of Harren & Partner, Bremen. The vessel belongs to the Combi Dock Type and has a sister ship Combi Dock I, both vessels were built by Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven, Germany in 2008-2009 after the hulls had been completed by Christ S. A. Gdansk. Combi Dock Type vessels have Lo-Lo / Ro-Ro / Flo-Flo capabilities with a stern ramp. Combi Dock III is equipped with two cranes able to lift each 350 tons and one crane to lift 200 tons for a combined maximum lift of 700 tons, it can sail with an open hatch. On 16 July 2013, during a storm, the Combi Bock III broke free of its moorings and damaged the submarine HMAS Sheean at the Australian Marine Complex. Combi Dock III was impounded by the Australian government until 13 September, when the owners agreed to pay for the damage. In July-August 2017, the Combi Dock III transports the sailing vessel Peking for repairs and permanent display from New York City to Germany. Combi Dock III is the third ship of the Combi Dock series.

Combi Dock II and IV have been converted into offshore support vessels and renamed