Villa Valmer

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Villa Valmer.

The Villa Valmer is a historic mansion in the 7th arrondissement of Marseille, France.[1]

It is located near several other villas such as the La villa de Gaby Deslys. The building is in the Renaissance style with three floors. There is a garden open to the public.

Marseille is located in France
Marseille (France)


The villa was built for Charles Gounelle, an oil manufacturer, in 1865.[1] It was designed by architect Henry Condamin.[1] It is home to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.[1]

Origin of Name[edit]

Originally named "Wave to the Sea", it was later called Villa Valmer.


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Coordinates: 43°16′47″N 5°21′18″E / 43.2797°N 5.3550°E / 43.2797; 5.3550