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Vincent Bochdalek
Vincent Bochdalek
DiedFebruary 3, 1883
Scientific career
InfluencedVictor Bochdalek

Vincent Alexander Bochdalek (1801 – February 3, 1883) was a Bohemian anatomist and pathologist. His first name has also been given as Vincenc and Vincenz. Vincent Alexander Bochdalek was elected as member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.[1]


Bochdalek was born in Litoměřice, he obtained his doctorate in 1833 in Prague, where he was later professor of anatomy for several decades. He retired in 1874, settling in Litoměřice and later dying in Prague, his son, Victor Bochdalek (1835–1868), became a prominent physician in his own right.

Associated eponyms[edit]

  • Bochdalek's cyst: a congenital cyst at the root of the tongue.
  • Bochdalek's flower basket: part of the choroid plexus of the fourth ventricle protruding through the lateral bursa (recessus lateralis) of the fourth ventricle (Luschka's foramen).
  • Bochdalek's foramen: a congenital defective opening through the diaphragm, connecting pleural and peritoneal cavities.
  • Bochdalek's ganglion: a ganglion of dental nerve in the jaw (maxilla) above the root of the canine teeth.
  • Bochdalek's hernia: Congenital diaphragmatic hernia which allows protrusion of abdominal viscera into the chest.
  • Bochdalek's triangle: the lumbocostal triangle, a triangle-shaped slit in the muscle plate between lumbar or sternal part in the diaphragm and the 12th rib.
  • Bochdalek's valve: a fold of membrane in the lacrimal duct near the punctum lacrimale. Another name for this structure is Foltz' valvule; named after French ophthalmologist Jean Charles Eugène Foltz (1822–1876).
  • Vater's duct: a duct that in the embryo connects the thyroid diverticulum and the posterior part of the tongue.


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