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Virgin Radio International
Private company
Industry Commercial radio
Founded 2001
Area served
Revenue > US$130 million

Virgin Radio is a brand owned by the Virgin Group. Virgin Radio International was established in 2001 to develop the brand and has since built one of the world's most popular music radio franchises, broadcasting in multiple languages and music based formats in North America, Europe and Asia – including the Middle East – and has 26.4 million listeners worldwide. Virgin Radio stations in each country are owned independently of the Virgin Group or in franchise and of each other and generally carry independent programming tailored to local tastes.


Country Stations Frequency Year of Launch Operator
Canada Virgin Radio Calgary 98.5 FM [1] 2010 Bell Media Radio
Virgin Radio Edmonton 104.9 FM [2] 2011
Virgin Radio Halifax 101.3 FM [3] 2016[1]
Virgin Radio Kitchener 105.3 FM [4] 2016[2]
Virgin Radio London 97.5 FM [5] 2012
Virgin Radio Montreal 95.9 FM [6] 2009
Virgin Radio Toronto 99.9 FM [7] 2008
Virgin Radio Vancouver 94.5 FM [8] 2015
Virgin Radio Winnipeg 103.1 FM [9] 2012
United Arab Emirates Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4 FM [10] 2008 Arabian Radio Network
France Virgin Radio France Various [11] 2008 Lagardère Active
Indonesia Virgin Radio Jakarta 99.9 FM [12] 2016 MPG Media Publishing
Italy Virgin Radio Italy Various [13] 2007 Mediaset S.p.A.
Lebanon Virgin Radio Lebanon 89.5 FM [14] 2013 Levant Media Hub
Romania Virgin Radio Romania Various [15] 2017 Lagardère Group
Thailand Virgin Hitz 95.5 FM [16] 2002 BEC-Tero Radio
Turkey Virgin Radio Turkey Various [17] 2013 Karnaval
United Kingdom Virgin Radio UK Sound Digital Multiplex - Digital Radio only [18] 2016 News Corp UK


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