Visé is a municipality and city of Belgium, where it is located on the river Meuse, in the Walloon province of Liège. The municipality consists of the former municipalities of Visé, Lixhe, Richelle and Cheratte. In the north-east the area of the municipality extends up to the village of Moelingen in the Limburgian municipality of Voeren, while in the north-west it extends up to the border between Belgium and the Netherlands; the city of Visé is located in a distance of some 20 km north eastern of Belgian Liège city and of some 15 km southern of the most southern Dutch city of Maastricht. Apart from the Meuse river another waterway, the Albert Canal, passes through this town; the Germans entered Belgium on 4 August 1914, entered Visé that day as part of the opening movements of the Battle of Liège. A small group of Belgian gendarmes opposed the advancing Germans and two of their number, Auguste Bouko and Jean-Pierre Thill, were killed in the action becoming the first Belgian casualties of World War I.

On 7 August, in the Lixhe section of the town, the German 90th Infantry Regiment killed eleven civilians and destroyed eleven houses. The Lixhe part of the town was the site of one of Belgium's ninety eastern-frontier advanced-warning posts, aimed at preventing a German invasion in 1939 - its number was "PA 0"; the coal mine of Hasard de Cheratte was dug in Cheratte and exploited between 1850 and 1977. List of protected heritage sites in Visé Media related to Visé at Wikimedia Commons

Andrew Hollingsworth

Andrew Philip Hollingsworth is an English cricketer. Hollingsworth is a right-handed batsman, he was born at Surrey. Hollingsworth represented the Surrey Cricket Board in 2 List A matches against Lincolnshire in the 1st round of the 2002 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, played in 2001 and the Essex Cricket Board in the 2nd round of the 2003 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy, held in 2002. In his 2 matches for the Board, he scored 56 runs at a batting average of 28.00, with a high score of 29. In the field he took 3 catches. With the ball he took 3 wickets at an average of 27.66, with best figures of 3/36. Hollingsworth made his first-class debut for Durham UCCE against Durham in 2002. During 2002 he represented the University in 2 further first-class matches against Nottinghamshire and Lancashire. In his 3 first-class matches, he scored 72 runs at an average of 24.00, with a high score of 42*. In the field he took a single catch. With the ball he took 4 wickets at an average of 21.50, with best figures of 3/35.

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Manuel Freire

Manuel Freire is a Portuguese influential left-wing singer and composer, although he works as a computer technician. Freire was born in Vagos, Aveiro District on 25 April 1942. Freire's first work was an EP, released with the title "Livre", that included 4 songs. "Livre", "Dedicatória", "Pedro Soldado" and "Eles". The best-known song was "Livre", a hymn to the free will and thought as the album was released during the Fascist regime of Oliveira Salazar, against the official censorship. After that, Freire became a close friend of some of the most influential left-wing musicians like Zeca Afonso, Padre Fanhais or Adriano Correia de Oliveira; some years still during the dictatorial regime, Freire participated in a TV show, in the only Portuguese station operating at the time, RTP, the "Zip-Zip", singing a poem by António Gedeão called "Pedra Filosofal" that became his most well-known song. He released an album composed by 11 songs, which had lyrics written by Portuguese poets, like António Gedeão, José Gomes Ferreira, Fernando Assis Pacheco, Eduardo Olímpio, Sidónio Muralha and José Saramago.

For this album, Freire received the Portuguese Press Award, the most prestigious prize awarded to a musician in Portugal, at the time. After the Carnation Revolution, in 1974, Freire continued his political action through the music, acting for the working class in several places around the country. In 1978, he returned with another album, "Devolta", once more, singing poems of great Portuguese poets, he continued his work as a computer technician, but returned in 1993 with a re-edition of his work "Pedra Filosofal". In 1995, he performed in the opening of the Festa do Avante!, a cultural event, carried out by the Portuguese Communist Party. His show, along with the Portuguese folk band Brigada Victor Jara, was an homage to Adriano Correia de Oliveira. Nowadays, he continues his career playing in Trade Union or Communist rallies. In 2003, Freire was elected president of the Portuguese Society of Authors; as of July 2010, he still holds that position