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Visionary Underground
Also known asVU
OriginLondon, England
GenresDrum and bass/Breakbeat
LabelsVU Recordings
Official Visionary Underground logo

Visionary Underground are a technology driven, audiovisual collective from London. At VU's core, DJ Feelfree's distinctive, driving beats are laced with UK hip hop, ragga, soul, dub and Asian flavas and accompanied by VJ Coco's vibrant, interactive visuals. Damion Mulrain's soaring vocals are a perfect counterpoint to the fluid delivery of rapper Duane Flames. Collectively, they ably demonstrate that they have a finger on the pulse of the nation's psyche, their live performances are delivered with energy and passion.

The debut album "Keep The Grime On" saw many guest collaborations but second album "Fired Up" reverts to a more traditional format of featuring mainly only band members. Currently the third album is being written; the first single to come off that album is "Get The Beers In"


Reflecting Visionary Underground's independent nature, VU Recordings (their own label) was created to overcome a lack of opportunity for the group in the music industry.

--Visionary Underground

Prior to the release of "Keep The Grime On", VU Recordings released four 12" vinyl singles and one CD/vinyl single. All have been well received by the underground club market especially Eye Of The Storm which was picked up by MTV's Party Hard.[citation needed] Also Militant 24-7 taken from KTGO was chosen as TV title music for BBC 2s Asian arts and culture programme; Desi DNA, whilst a selection of VU tracks have also seen their way onto a variety of compilation albums including FabricLive15 (mixed by Nitin Sawhney) and Peace Not War Vol II. Nov 2006 saw the release of Dr Das's solo debut album "Emergency Basslines"

A sign of the times, VU have embraced Internet technology and acknowledge it as a powerful tool that can help you reach people all over the world. Since their conception, they have always given away many MP3 downloads from the VU site.

In an interview for SOAS Radio in 2017, Coco Das stated that nowadays they prefer to describe themselves as audiovisual collective and instead a drum ’n’ bass/breakbeat band. In the same interview, Coco Das discuss a lot about their history and track production notes. [1]



Featured Artists


Released Album Notable Singles
2009 "Get The Beers In"
2008 Fired Up
2005 Keep The Grime On
Feeling Good
Urban Uproar
Countries @ War
Eye of the Storm
Emergency Basslines


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