Vitale da Bologna

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St. George and the Dragon, detail.

Vitale da Bologna (1289 or 1309 – 1369), also known as Vidolini, Vitale di Almo de' Cavalli or Vitale degli Equi, was an Italian painter, of the Early Renaissance.

Madonna dei denti.

He is a representative of the 14th century school of painting in Bologna, where he was most active and painted the polyptych in the church of San Salvatore and frescoes in Santa Maria dei Servi. He was also active in Pomposa, where he painted the frescoes in the apse of the Pomposa Abbey, and in Udine. He is last registered in Udine in 1369, where he is presumed to have died.[1]

His masterwork is the panel with St. George and the Dragon, held in the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna. Also notable is the Madonna dei denti ("Madonna of the Teeth", 1345).

Also attributed to him is the Presepe fresco from the church of Sant'Apollonia di Mezzaretta, now in the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna, considered a mainstay of the evolution of the Emilian school of art.