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Operating system Solaris
Type nuclear magnetic resonance software
License proprietary
Website vnmrJ on Varian website

vnmr is software for controlling nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers. It is produced by Varian, Inc.

The software runs on SPARC machines with Solaris. It is composed of a command line interpreter window, an output window, and a status window.

The successor of vnmr is called vnmrJ.


There are a number of buttons to perform specific tasks.

  • Acqi gives access to other menus :
    • insertion of the sample in the NMR machine
    • setting up of the lock
    • setting up of the shims

Command line interpreter[edit]

Main commands:

  • jexp1 : join experiment 1
  • go : start an acquisition
  • wft : Weighted Fourier Transform
  • svf : save file, saved files get a ".fid" extension
  • lf : list files
  • movetof : move time offset
  • pwd : show current directory
  • res : give resolution values of a peak
  • abc : automatic baseline correction

Beginning with "d" are a number of commands for displaying things:

  • dscale : display scale bar
  • dg: display parameters
  • dpf: display peak frequency
  • dpir: display peak integrals
  • ...

Integration :

  • ins =, integration surface (ins=100 for percentage, ins=9 for an integration on 9 protons)
  • dpirn = display partial integral normalized

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