Vojtech Alexander

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Vojtech Alexander
Born (1857-05-31)31 May 1857
Kežmarok, Austria-Hungary
Died 15 January 1916(1916-01-15) (aged 58)
Budapest, Austria-Hungary
Nationality Slovak
Alma mater University of Budapest
Known for radioactivity, tuberculosis
Scientific career
Fields physics, chemistry
Institutions University of Budapest

Vojtech Alexander (Slovak), Alexander Béla (Hungarian) (May 31, 1857, Késmárk – January 15, 1916, Budapest) was a Slovak[1] radiologist, one of the most influential radiologists in the world.

He was the first university lecturer on radiology in the Kingdom of Hungary. Among his many achievements, he described the development of tuberculosis. He was the owner of the first X-ray apparatus in Slovakia and wrote poems in Slovak.


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