Drebach Observatory

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Volkssternwarte Drebach
Drebach - observatory 1 (aka).jpg
Observatory code 113 Edit this on Wikidata
Location Drebach, Germany Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 50°40′26″N 13°00′46″E / 50.6739°N 13.0127°E / 50.6739; 13.0127Coordinates: 50°40′26″N 13°00′46″E / 50.6739°N 13.0127°E / 50.6739; 13.0127
Altitude 492 m (1,614 ft) Edit this at Wikidata
Website www.sternwarte-drebach.de Edit this at Wikidata
Drebach Observatory is located in Germany
Drebach Observatory
Location of Drebach Observatory
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Drebach Observatory (German: Volkssternwarte Drebach) is a planetarium. The ZKP Skymaster projector is a part of the Drebach.

Zeiss-Planetarium and Volkssternwarte Drebach

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Coordinates: 50°40′26″N 13°00′46″E / 50.67389°N 13.01278°E / 50.67389; 13.01278