Vortex (album)

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Remix album by
ReleasedApril 20, 2004
GenreIndustrial, dark wave, trip hop,
LabelNoiseplus Music
Charlie Clouser
Mike Fisher
Wade Alin
Remko Vander Spek
Dave Simpson
Nils Schulte
Andrea Pozzi
Francesco Corsini
Kevin Kipnis
Mark Walk
Rhys Fulber
Vincent Saletto
Jesse Maddox
Aaron McDonald
Ian Ross
Marty Ball
Shane Terpening
Oleg Skrynnik
J. Constantine
A. Ruggles
Collide chronology
Some Kind of Strange

Vortex is a remix album by the group Collide featuring remixes of songs from their albums Chasing the Ghost (2000) and Some Kind of Strange (2003) and 3 new covers.

Track listing[edit]

CD 1 - Vortex[edit]

  1. "Euphoria" (Emirian Mix by Charlie Clouser) 6:32
  2. "Feed Me to the Lions" 4:07
  3. "Slither Thing" (Amish Rake Fight Mix by Mike Fisher) 4:37
  4. "Razor Sharp" (Dull Mix by Wade Alin) 3:59
  5. "Like You Want to Believe" (Antistatic Mix by Remko Vander Spek) 3:53
  6. "The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum" 5:34
  7. "Predator" – Front Line Assembly (Final Mix by Collide) 6:32
  8. "Crushed" (5AM Heavenly Mix by Dave Simpson) 4:57
  9. "Wings of Steel" (Core Mix by Nils Schulte) 6:36
  10. "Halo" (Sensory Gate Aura Mix by A. Pozzi/F. Corsini) 7:49
  11. "Inside" (Shoe Gazing Mix by Kevin Kipnis) 5:57
  12. "Somewhere" (Orchestral Mix by Mark Walk) 3:06
  13. "Frozen" (Chill Mix by Statik) 7:37

CD 2 - Xetrov[edit]

  1. "Haunted When the Minutes Drag" 7:43
  2. "Tempted" (Conjure One Mix by Rhys Fulber) 6:27
  3. "Crushed" (Fragment Mix by Vincent Saletto) 7:22
  4. "Like You Want to Believe" (Cylab Mix by Percy) 4:11
  5. "Crushed" (Out of Control Mix by Jesse Maddox) 4:23
  6. "Wings of Steel" (The Sound of Glass Mix by Aaron McDonald) 3:28
  7. "Inside" (External Mix by Wade Alin) 4:21
  8. "Crushed" (Now Forgotten Mix by Ian Ross) 5:23
  9. "Wings of Steel" (hEADaCHE Mix by hEADaCHE) 3:28
  10. "Like You Want to Believe" (Bondango's Twisted Acid Mix by Marty Ball) 4:48
  11. "Crushed" (Scored Mix by Shane Terpening) 5:26
  12. "Wings of Steel" (Astro Sensorium Mix by Oleg Skrynnik) 7:04
  13. "Euphoria" (Tears Mix by J. Constantine and A. Ruggles) 4:43