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Vypin Lighthouse
Cochin Lighthouse
Light house02.jpg
Puthuvype Lighthouse, 2016
Vypin Lighthouse Cochin Lighthouse is located in Kerala
Vypin Lighthouse Cochin Lighthouse
Vypin Lighthouse
Cochin Lighthouse
LocationPuthuvype, Kochi, Kerala
Coordinates9°59′54″N 76°13′18″E / 9.998397°N 76.221599°E / 9.998397; 76.221599Coordinates: 9°59′54″N 76°13′18″E / 9.998397°N 76.221599°E / 9.998397; 76.221599
Year first constructed1839 (first)
Year first lit1979 (current)
Constructionconcrete tower
Tower shapeoctagonal tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite and red horizontal bands, white lantern
Tower height46 metres (151 ft)
Focal height49 metres (161 ft)
Light sourcemains power
Range28 nautical miles (52 km; 32 mi)
CharacteristicFl (4) W 20s.
Admiralty numberF0698
NGA number27528
ARLHS numberIND-083[1]

The Vypin Lighthouse or Cochin Lighthouse[2] is situated at Puthuvype in Kochi, Kerala. Even though the current lighthouse started functioning only by 15 November 1979, the Cochin lighthouse has a long history. The lighthouse which was functioning in Fort Kochi from 1839 was shifted to Puthuvype in 1979.It is the tallest lighthouse in kerala.

Technical details[edit]

The tower has a height of 43 meters and is made of double layered concrete. The light beam has the range of 28 nautical miles.[3]


The old light at Fort Kochi[edit]

The image on the left is that of the Fort Kochi lighthouse taken between 1850 and 1897. The image on the right is the structure present at the site in 2013.

An oil lamp light started functioning at Fort Kochi in the year 1839. In 1902, a new light and reflecting mechanism was introduced. Modifications were made in 1914. In 1920s, a new 10-meter tall tower came up.

In 1936, a 25-meter tall steel tower was installed with a gas light. In 1966, a mechanism called sun valve was introduced. Plans to construct a taller and brighter light and a radio beacon were drawn up. Since there was a paucity of land, the new light was transferred to Puthuvype in the Vypin island and the radio beacon was shifted to Azhikode.[4]

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