Coocumbac Island Nature Reserve

The Coocumbac Island Nature Reserve is a protected nature reserve located in the mid–north coast region of New South Wales, Australia. The 6-hectare reserve, situated on the Manning River near Taree, is a rare example of a subtropical lowland rainforest. Much of Australia's lowland sub tropical rainforest was cleared for housing and agriculture, leaving only small patches remaining, such as at Coocumbac Island; the soils are derived from the Manning River. These alluvial soils are enriched from basaltic deposits upstream at Barrington Tops and the Comboyne and Bulga plateaux; the average annual rainfall in nearby Taree is 1,176 millimetres. The most obvious mammal species on the island is the grey-headed flying fox, whose numbers may reach five thousand at certain times of the year. Noteworthy birds occurring here include the wompoo fruit-dove; the ecological community on the island is known as the large fig - giant stinger tree association. The genus ficus is well represented, with all the strangler figs of this latitude present.

Prominent are the large Moreton Bay figs. Other figs are strangler fig, small leaf fig and watery fig; the town of Taree, takes its name from another of the sandpaper fig. Other tree species include the native olive; the native elm grows on the island, here at its southernmost point of natural distribution. A large native hackberry occurs on the island, 30 metres tall and with a trunk diameter of 1.2 metres. Less common trees include the Australian rose mahogany. Rainforest regeneration programs have been put in place to encourage local rainforest species and suppress the problem of invasive weeds. Surrounding the island is an impressive community of two species of mangroves. Coocumbac means "meeting place" in the local indigenous Biripi language. Australian indigenous people visited the rainforest for the collection of food, medicinal purposes, the collection of fibres for making bags and nets and social gatherings; the rainforest has spiritual significance to the traditional indigenous custodians.

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