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Wafaa Abed Al Razzaq (Arabic: وفاء عبد الرزاق‎) is an Iraqi poet and writer. She was born at 1952 in Basra / Iraq. She currently resides in London / UK and holds a bachelor's degree in accounting.


  • Mitropolite Nicholaous No'man Prize of Human Virtues, for the script entitled (From the War Child’s Diary) - 2008
  • The Golden Anka’a Medal of literary Creation[1] – The International Golden Anka’a Festival - 2008


Wafaa Abed Al Razzaq participated in a lot of poetry festivals and in the foundation of:

  • The White Palm Tree Gallery - Iraq
  • The white Palm Tree House for custody and re-qualifying street children in Iraq


  • Ambassador of Iraqi Orphan Children in Iraq – London
  • Responsible of broad follow up - International Golden Al–Anqa’a Touring Festival
  • Foundation member at the Hope messenger Association - London
  • Iraqi Writers UnionIraq
  • Exiled Writers InkLondon / UK
  • Poets Around the World Movement - Chile
  • Iraqi Association, member of the administration comity, head of cultural comity – auditor of Iraqi association newspaper (AL Muntada) – London / UK
  • Arabic Union for Internet Writers
  • Syrian Story Friends Association - Syria
  • Poetas del Mundo
  • In addition to many other associations and organizations


  • Seven poetry books in traditional Arabic language, published between 1999 and 2008, in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
  • Seven poetry books in Iraqi spoken language published between 1996 and 1999, in Abu Dhabi and Jordan.
  • Six poetry CD’s in Iraqi spoken language – poetry reading accompanied by music
  • Two short story books, published in 2000, Al-Kindi editor, Jordan
  • Three novels published between 2000 and 2001, Al-Kindi editor, Jordan
  • One poetic novel published in 2001, Al-Kindi editor, Jordan


From the Dairy of the War Chilled, translated from Arabic to French by Hédia DRIDI, co-revised by Josyane De Jesus-Bergey et Mohamed Rafrafi and published by L'Harmattan Edition, Paris December 2008, with the title: Mémoires de l'enfant de la guerre – Ne volez pas ma voix.

Currently under publication[edit]

From the Dairy of the War Chilled: A poetry book that carries a message against war and calls for world peace. The book is currently under production for an 80 minutes film against war.

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