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Founded December, 1995
Founders Craig Cohen, Michael Adelberg
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, United States
Website waiter.com

Waiter.com, also formerly known as World Wide Waiter,[1] is an online restaurant delivery service that went online in early December 1995.[2] It was founded by two Stanford University Business School graduates Craig Cohen and Michael Adelberg.[1] Although Waiter.com does service residential areas, its main focus is delivering for business mealtime orders and catered meals.[3] Waiter.com primarily operates in California in the Bay Area.


Waiter.com is considered the first online restaurant delivery service on the web[4][5]; it pioneered the concept of online restaurant ordering in 1995 when it offered meal options from 60 Silicon Valley restaurants for delivery or takeout, expanding to over 1,300 restaurants as of 2017.[6]

The first office was located in Los Altos[7] but is now situated in Sunnyvale, California.

Waiter.com serves multiple locations throughout the United States, including major cities like San Francisco, Dallas, Raleigh/Durham, Seattle, and Austin as of May 2018.[8]


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