Wales Herald Extraordinary

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Wales Herald Extraordinary
Badge of the Wales Herald Extraordinary.svg
The heraldic badge of
Wales Herald of Arms Extraordinary
Heraldic tradition Gallo-British
Jurisdiction England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Governing body College of Arms
Thomas Lloyd, current Wales Herald

Wales Herald of Arms Extraordinary (Herodr Arbennig Cymru in Welsh) is a current Officer of Arms Extraordinary under the Courts of England and Wales' jurisdiction. Wales is a Royal Herald, ie a member of the Royal Household, and whilst not being a member of chapter of the College of Arms, processes with the other heralds at ceremonial occasions. Wales Herald forms an integral part of the procession when the Queen officially opens a session of the National Assembly for Wales at Cardiff Bay.

There was formerly a Wales Herald in the late fourteenth century, but that office was short-lived.[1] The post was re-established in 1963 as an Officer of Arms Extraordinary, its first appointee being Francis Jones.

The badge dates from 1967 and depicts a treasured medieval Welsh possession, the Croes Naid—a cross heavily gilded and jewelled and said to contain a fragment of the True Cross of Jesus Christ; it is blazoned Issuant from an open Royal Crown of the 13th century Or a representation of a Croes Naid also Or jewelled Proper.

The present Wales Herald of Arms Extraordinary is Thomas Lloyd, OBE, DL, FSA,[2] having succeeded Michael Siddons in 2010.[3]

Office holders[edit]


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