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Walhalla Cricket Ground, c. 1906

The Walhalla Cricket Ground is a landmark in Walhalla, Victoria, Australia. Linked by a walking track from Walhalla Road, the cricket ground is perched at the top of a hill; because there was a lack of flat ground in the township the mining community, in their spare time, carved the top off the mountain to construct a ground, this work being completed in 1882. It is claimed that the half-hour climb up the hill to reach the ground, in conjunction with the long trip to Walhalla itself, ensured a home advantage.[1]

In the heyday of Walhalla's goldmining era, the ground was used for organised sporting events, including those of the Walhalla Football Association. Since large-scale mining stopped in 1910, the ground has largely been a tourist destination and curiosity, though it remained the site of occasional social cricket matches, it is referenced in Weddings Parties Anything's song "The Ghosts of Walhalla".

The Walhalla Cricket Club (inc.) has been established since 1882 and is currently restoring the ground as a sporting venue for visiting teams and also for social matches. In recent years the playing surface had been badly damaged by motorbikes and 4X4 vehicle.

Enquiries about the ground can be made via the Walhalla Post Office and museum.

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