Wamanmarka, Lima

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Location Lima Region, Peru
Region Andes
Height 3,800 m (12,500 ft)

Wamanmarka or Waman Marka (Quechua waman falcon, marka village,[1] Hispanicized spelling Huamanmarca) is a pre-Hispanic archaeological site in the Lima Region of Peru. It was declared a National Cultural Heritage by Resolución Directoral Nacional No. 326/INC on October 30, 1997. Wamanmarka is located in the Yauyos Province, Carania District, at a height of 3,800 m (12,500 ft).[2]


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Coordinates: 12°22′29″S 75°51′28″W / 12.3746°S 75.8579°W / -12.3746; -75.8579