Wang Hao-te

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Wang Hao De
Known in English as: Wang Hao De
Chinese: 王好德
Hanyu Pinyin: Wáng Hǎodé
Wade-Giles: Wang Hao-te
Family name: Wang
Given names
Haode (好德)
Courtesy name : Gaoshan (高山)
Pseudonym : Gaoshan Yuren (高山愚人)

Wang Hao-te (1921–1999) was the founder of the Great Way of Maitreya (Chinese: 彌勒大道; pinyin: Mílè Dà Dào), which is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. According to Taiwan's survey in 2004 this religion has 1,000,000 members and 2000 temples all over the world. Wang was born in 1921, the 28th day of the 7th lunar month (August 31, 1921) in a small village called Zhang Gu in Shandong province in China, he went to Taiwan when he was 17 years old during the 2nd War time and he was introduced to Yiguandao in 1948 by chance. He was a hardworking, well loved and down to earth talented young man and he was the only person appointed to take care of Sun Su Zhen or "Shi Mu" 師母 when he was 23 years old, the great mistress of Yiguandao for 11 years until her death in 1975, 4 April.

In 1987, Wang set up the Providence Maitreya Buddha Institute (Chinese: 天恩彌勒佛院; pinyin: Tiān'ēn Mílè Fó Yuàn) in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Unfortunately, Wang died of CO2 poisoning on Christmas Day in 1999 during his mission to Chiang Mai, Thailand; left his only daughter Wu Xian; the Great Way of Maitreya led by Wang has had a large number of followers for the past sixty over years.

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