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Total population
possibly under 100
(less than 1% of the Australian population, less than 1% of the Aboriginal population)
Regions with significant populations
English, formerly Warrongo language and Gugu Badhun language
Aboriginal mythology

The Wangaibon are a tribe of Indigenous Australians who traditionally lived between Nyngan, the headwaters of Bogan Creek and on Tigers Camp and Boggy Cowal creeks[1][2][3] and west to Ivanhoe, New South Wales.[4]


They spoke the Ngiyambaa language.

To distinguish themselves from other language groups in the area (such as the Weilwan), they refer to themselves as the people who speak Ngiyampaa the Wongaibon way, that is, they use the word wangaay for "no". They are one of a number of language groups in Central NSW that use No to refer to themselves.

Like other Ngiyampaa people such as the Weilwan, they also referred to themselves according to their home country.[5][6]