War (Bolt Thrower album)

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War (Bolt Thrower album).jpg
Live album by Bolt Thrower
Released 2010
Recorded Manchester 1992
Genre Death metal
Length 46:02
Language English
Label Earache
Bolt Thrower chronology
...For Victory
(1994)...For Victory1994

War is a live album by Bolt Thrower recorded in Manchester 1992, on an 8-track tape. It was originally recorded by the band members in order to have some of their own live recordings for posterity. Later on Earache Records wanted to release a special edition of the ...For Victory album, thus it was packed with that album in 1994 in a limited 2CD package. I.e. they just replaced the box with a 2CD box and added the second disc. The album is sometimes known or listed as Live War.

It said Mosh 124 on the promo edition, that is a mistake, because Mosh 124 is a Fudge Tunnel album according to the official Earache catalogue.

Track listing[edit]

1."The IVth Crusade"4:46
2."Dying Creed"4:36
6."Where Next to Conquer"3:54
7."War Master"4:29
8."As the World Burns"6:48
Total length:46:02