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CoordinatesCoordinates: 37°46′52″S 145°36′42″E / 37.781213°S 145.611677°E / -37.781213; 145.611677
Other information
Opened1 November 1901 (1901-11-01)
Closed1 August 1965

Warburton railway station was a station in the upper reaches of the Yarra Valley, 72 kilometres east of Melbourne, and the terminus of the Warburton railway line. The station opened on 13 November 1901 and closed with the line on 1 August 1965; the site is now at one end of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail, which follows the route of the former railway.

On 3 May 1909, to provide better facilities for the loading of timber from the numerous mills in the area,[1] the track was extended to La La Siding, a short distance beyond Warburton station; the extension closed with the line in 1965.

View towards Warburton station in 1920


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