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A warden is a person who has been entrusted with the oversight of something important to the community, such as a college, church, prison, wild game or firefighting. It may also refer to:

Occupations, ranks and roles[edit]

  • Prison warden, the chief administrative official of a prison
  • Warden (college), head of some university colleges and academic institutions in the United Kingdom and Australia
  • Warden of the Mint, historical highest-ranking officer of the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom
  • Warden, rank of seniority within a City of London livery company
  • Churchwarden, a lay officer in an Anglican or Episcopal church
  • Firefighting, a fire warden is a person designated to aid firefighters at a building or community level
  • Game warden, an officer empowered to enforce the hunting and trapping laws of a jurisdiction
  • Air Raid Precautions in the United Kingdom, precautions that helped protect British citizens during World War II air raids, enforced by ARP wardens
  • Royal forest, the chief royal official of the royal forest was the warden
  • Street warden, an officer aiding police at a community level
  • Warden, an officer in a Knights of Columbus council
  • Masonic lodge officers, ruling members in a Masonic Lodge, one position is that of warden
  • County warden, the head of county governments in Ontario and Nova Scotia, similar to mayors in cities
  • Resident assistant, may be referred to as a warden at some educational institutions
  • Park ranger, also called a park warden or forest ranger, a person entrusted with protecting and preserving parklands
  • Parking enforcement officer, also called a traffic warden or parking inspector, an officer who issues tickets for parking violations
  • Sheltered housing officers, referred to formerly (and still by some) as "wardens"


  • Warden (TTC), a subway station located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Warden Avenue, a major north-south road in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
  • Warden, Free State, South Africa, a town in central South Africa in the Free State province
  • Warden, Kent, England, a small holiday village in South East England, on the northeast coast of the Isle of Sheppey
  • Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England, an East of England village and civil parish, just west of Biggleswade
  • Warden, Northumberland, England, a North East England village on the River Tyne
  • Warden, Washington, United States, a small city in Grant County in central Washington
  • Warden, West Virginia, United States, an unincorporated community in Raleigh County in southern West Virginia
  • Warden, Quebec, Canada, a village that is part of La Haute-Yamaska Regional County Municipality, in Montérégie administrative area
  • Wardon Abbey, a Cistercian Abbey in Bedfordshire, England, near Old Warden, founded around 1135



  • Churchwarden pipe, a tobacco pipe with a long stem, history dates to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century
  • Warden message, an important message from the United States State Department about safety or travel information for U.S. citizens abroad
  • Warden pear, any one of a number of pear varieties that do not truly ripen and must be cooked to be edible
  • Warden (software), a video game cheating prevention system used by Blizzard Entertainment

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