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Ware may refer to:




Ware means pottery, typically that of a specified type

  • Earthenware, glazed or unglazed nonvitreous pottery
  • Arretine ware, fine Roman pottery coated in a red slip dating to the first centuries AD and BC
  • Bidri ware, ware of tin, copper, lead, and zinc, made at Bidar, in India
  • Grooved ware, pottery style of the British Neolithic
  • Unstan ware, finely made and decorated Neolithic pottery from the 4th millennium BC
  • Zürich ware, Swiss porcelain
  • Sandy ware, a type of medieval (and earlier) pottery with enough quartz sand mixed in with the clay for it to be visible in the fabric of the pot
  • Shelly ware, a type of pottery made with shell powder used as a temper
  • Grey ware is a type of pottery made of a grey paste
  • Buff ware appeared in the Umayyad period, made of fine and light, almost white, clay
  • Mina'i ware, a type of polychrome overglaze-decorated ceramic ware - Commons:Category:Mina'i ware
  • Garrus ware, named after a district southwest of the Caspian Sea, where examples were reportedly found
  • Samarra ware, ceramic product of the second half of the sixth millennium BC
  • Splashware, a type of earthenware "splashed" with polychrome glazes
  • Fritware, a type of pottery in which frit (ground glass) is added to clay to reduce its fusion temperature

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