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Wataru Takeishi (竹石 渉, Takeishi Wataru, born 1982[1]) is a prolific Japanese music video director. Takeishi has created videos for Japanese superstars such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Every Little Thing.[2]

Most Expensive Music Videos[edit]

Three videos that Takeishi directed appear on the list of most expensive music videos, he directed three out of five for Ayumi Hamasaki, excluding Green and Virgin Road.

The videos are:

Directorial Trademarks[edit]

Takeishi's most pervasive interest is one in bright reflective light by way of lens flares, white lights, reflective back grounds/surfaces/microphones, back lighting, moving lights on the video's subject. Often this creates high contrast between light and shadow. Morning Musume's "Osaka Koi no Uta" and "Ambitious! Yashinteki de li jan" offer good examples:the former contains shots of sparkling jewelry, members of the band sing into a sequined microphone, and bright pulsating and moving lights during dance segments. The latter's lighting is at a constant flicker, the set is reflective metallic sheets behind disco balls and spinning lights affixed to the floor. In "Ambitious!" lens flares and reflections are a constant.

Takeishi also employs camera focus often in the aforementioned "Osaka Koi no Uta" many of the shots are in partial focus; however Every Little Thing's "Shapes of Love" provides a more indicative example, shots are often sliding in and out of focus or remaining unfocused. Yaen's "Get Down" goes as far as to encompass everything thus far being home to rapid flashing lights, partial focus, and a blur that slides in and out.

Too are the rapid fire transitions that appeared in "Shapes of Love" they appear in "Dakishimeru" by BoA, an already fast paced video is punctuated by quick successions of different shots sometimes inexplicably detached from the beat. In a similar vein "Future World" again by Every Little Thing Takeishi instead speeds up segments of the same shot to get a similar effect to the rapid transition, in some shots these are over-laid with rapid images.

Music Videos[edit]

Sorted by year, then within year sorted alphabetically.

Artist Title Youtube Link Year Notes
Every Little Thing "Feel my Heart" watch 1996
"Future World" watch
The Alfee "Love" watch
Every Little Thing "Dear my Friend" watch 1997
"Shapes of Love" watch
SPEED "White Love" watch
Ayumi Hamasaki "Poker Face" watch 1998
"You" watch
"Trust" watch
Chisato Moritaka "Tokyo Rush" -
Every Little Thing "Time Goes By" watch
"Nesscessary" watch
L'Arc~en~Ciel "Dive to Blue" -
"Honey" -
"Snowdrop" -
"Winter Fall" -
SPEED "My Graduation" watch
Yaen "Get Down" watch
"Sakebi" watch
"Snow Blind" -
Ayumi Hamasaki "Appears" watch 1999
"Boys & Girls" watch
"Love (Destiny)" watch
"To Be" watch
"Whatever" watch
Dreams Come True "Asa ga Mata Kuru" Tomorrow Still Comes -
"Nante Koi Shita n' Darō" I Think I was in Some Kind of Love -
Every Little Thing "Over and Over" watch
"Someday, Someplace" watch
L'Arc~en~Ciel "Driver's High" -
Mariya Takeuchi "Tenshi no Tameiki" -
Noriyuki Makihara "Hungry Spider" -
SPEED "Long Way Home" -
Utada Hikaru "Addicted to You" watch
Yaen "Be Cool!" watch
"Selfish" -
"Yozora wo Machinagara" -
Ayumi Hamasaki "Fly High" watch 2000
"Kanariya" watch
"M" watch
"Surreal" watch
"Vogue"/"Far Away"/"Seasons" watch
Every Little Thing "Ai no Kakera" Love's Fragment watch
"Pray" watch
"Rescue Me" watch
"Sure" watch
L'Arc~en~Ciel "Finale" -
Utada Hikaru "For You" watch
"Time Limit" watch
"Wait and See (Risk)" watch
Yaen "Chicken Guys" -
"First Impression" watch
"Taiyo no Kaseki" -
Aya Matsuura "Dokki Doki! Love Mail" watch 2001
"Tropical Koishiteru" Tropical Loving watch
"Love Namidairo" Love: The Color of Tears watch
"100Kai no Kiss" 100th Kiss watch
Ayumi Hamasaki "Dearest" watch
"Endless Sorrow" watch
"Evolution" watch
"Never Ever" -
Mariya Takeuchi "Mayonaka no Nightingale" watch
"Nostalgia" -
Morning Musume "Mr. Moonlight~Ai no Big Band~" Mr. Moonlight~Love's Big Band~ watch
"Souda! We're Alive" That's Right! We're Alive watch
"The Peace!" watch
Yaen "Star" -
Aya Matsuura "Momoiro Katomoi" Peach-Colored Unrequited Love watch 2002
"Yeah! Meccha Holiday" Yeah! Super Holiday watch
Ayumi Hamasaki "Daybreak" watch
"Free & Easy" watch
BoA "Every Heart-Minna no Kimochi" Every Heart-Everyone's Feelings watch
"Jewel Song" watch
"Kiseki" Miracle watch
"Listen to my Heart" watch
"No. 1" watch
"Valenti" watch
Morning Musume "Do It! Now" watch
Sonim "Curry Rice no Onna" watch
Aya Matsuura "Goodbye Natsuo" Goodbye Summer Boy watch 2003 watch (wild ayaya version)
"The Last Night" watch watch (close up version)
Ayumi Hamasaki "Rainbow" watch
BoA "Double" watch
"Shine We Are!" watch
Morning Musume "As for One Day" watch
"Shabondama" Soap Bubbles watch
Porno Graffitti "Uzu" -
SPEED "Walking in the Rain" -
Tommy February6 "Love is Forever" -
Aya Matsuura "Kiseki no Kaori Dance" Miraculous Fragrance Dance watch 2004 watch (close up version)
"Waterasebashi" Watarase Bridge watch watch (close up version)
Ayumi Hamasaki "Humming 7/4" watch
L'Arc~en~Ciel "Ready Steady Go" -
Morning Musume "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari"The Story of Noisy Girls watch
"Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago" Tears That Won't Stop After School watch
Aya Matsuura "Zutto Suki de li Desu ka" May I Love You Fovever? watch 2005 watch (another version)
Ayumi Hamasaki "Fairyland" watch
"My Name's Woman" watch
"Heaven" watch
BoA "Dakishimeru" Hug watch
Morning Musume "Osaka Koi no Uta" Osaka Love Song watch
"The Manpower!!!" watch watch (another version)
Ayumi Hamasaki "Jewel" watch 2006
Mariya Takeuchi "Henshin" -
"Synchronicity" -
Morning Musume "Ambitious! Yashinteki de li jan" Ambitious! Ambition is Good watch
Nirgilis "Sakura" -
AKB48 "Bingo!" - 2007
Ayumi Hamasaki "Decision" watch
Capsule "Jumper" watch 2008
Mariya Takeuchi "Shiawase no Monosashi" -
Utada Hikaru "Prisoner of Love" watch
Ayumi Hamasaki "Sunset (Love is All)" watch 2009
"Sunrise (Love is All)" watch
Nana Mizuki "Etsuraku Camellia" Pleasure Camelia -
"Silent Bible" - 2010
Tatsuro Yamashita "Kibō toiu Na no Hikari " In the Name of the Light of Hope -
Ayumi Hamasaki "Sweet Scar" watch 2012
Nana Mizuki "Metro Baroque" -
T.M. Revolution "Vestige" watch
AKB48 "Kiss made Countdown" Countdown to a Kiss - 2013
AKB48 "Soko de Inu no Unchi Funjau ka ne?" You're Gonna Step in Dog Poop Then, Aren't You? -
AOP "Mirai e Tsunage" Connect to the Future -
"Never say Never" watch (short version)
BKA48 "Haste to Waste" Haste and Waste -
Every Little Thing "On and On" watch
Himari "Sakura" watch
NO NAME "Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu" I Offer These Tears to You watch (short preview)
AKB48 "Seikaku ga Warui Onna no ko" Girl with a Bad Personality watch (short preview) 2014
"Kimi wa Kimagure" You Follow Your Whims watch (short preview)
AOP "Cosmic Magic Stars" -
Himari "Sakamichi~Graduation~" watch
HKT48 "Hikaeme I Love You!" Carefully I Love You! watch
"Kidoku Through" Already Read Through watch (short preview)
Mariya Takeuchi "Shizukana Densetsu (Legend)" watch
Miss Mary "Tobidase Summer" watch
Namie Amuro "Can You Celebrate?" watch (short preview)
AKB48 "Madonna no Sentaku" Madonna's Selection watch (short version) 2015
AOP "Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake" The Hanamaru Whistle is Only for Good Kids -
"Stay Gold" watch
"183 no Nihon Torebian Rock n' Roll" watch
"Ano ne, Kimi Dake ni" Well, Just for You watch (short version) 2016
"Cotona Mode" watch (short version)
"Hatsukoi Hello Chuuihou" First Love Hello Warning -
"Kibou Traveler" Hope Traveler watch (short version)
"Zenryoku Batankyu" Full-Force Batankyu -
Utada Hikaru "Hanataba o Kimi ni" A Boquet for You watch



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