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Waterloo Warriors
University University of Waterloo
Association U Sports
Conference Ontario University Athletics
Athletic director Roly Webster
Location Waterloo, Ontario
Football stadium Warrior Field
Arena Columbia Ice Fields
Gymnasium Physical Activities Complex
Mascot King Warrior
Nickname Warriors
Colours Gold
Website www.gowarriorsgo.ca

The Waterloo Warriors are the athletic teams that represent the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The Warriors have found success over certain spans in football, hockey, rugby, golf and basketball among others, and the Warriors have won national championships in hockey (1974), basketball (1975), and women's swimming (1975). For many years from the 1960s through the 1990s, Warrior basketball games attracted the largest and rowdiest basketball crowds in the country. The Warriors Football teams have won two Yates Cup Championships, in 1997 and in 1999. The team's 2010 season was cancelled after a steroid scandal, the biggest ever in CIS Football history.

Waterloo's teams were originally known as the "Mules" after the school's founding in 1957, and for a while the women's teams were the "Mulettes", a name that was almost universally despised and ultimately replaced by "Athenas". Today the women's teams also use the nickname Warriors. University Stadium was originally built for the Warriors Football program, but was sold to the City of Waterloo in 1974 when UW could not afford to repair the stadium. The stadium was later sold by the City of Waterloo to Wilfrid Laurier University in 1992, where it is now the home of the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks. The Warriors now play at Warrior Field, which was renovated to be ready for the 2011 football season.

Varsity teams[edit]

Waterloo Warriors teams compete in:

Waterloo Warriors Football[edit]

The Waterloo Warriors football team has been in operation since 1957, winning two Yates Cup conference championships in 1997 and 1999. Currently, they are one of six teams to have never appeared in a Vanier Cup game and the longest tenured program in the OUA to have never qualified for the national championship game. The football team has not qualified for the playoffs since 2003. The team is led by Chris Bertoia, Head Coach and Manager of Football Operations since the 2015 season.[1]

Waterloo Warriors Golf[edit]

The first men's team was created in 1958 and coached by Carl Totzke, the Director of Atletics from 1957 until 1989 when he retired. Jack Pearse became the golf coach in 1968 and in 1969 guided the Warrioirs to their first ever conference title.

The first women's golf team was fielded in 2005 under the guidance of coach Carla Munch.

Warrior men's teams have won the Ruttan Cup awarded to conference champions eleven times. Until 1970 the Warriors played in the OQAA (Ontario-Quebec Athletic conference). Since 1970 they have been part of the OUA (Ontario University Athletics)

Ruttan Cup Team Champions

  • 1969 Paul Knight, Dave Cooper, Brian White, Dave Hollinger, Bob Skura
  • 1970 Brian White, Dave Cooper, Byron Radtke, Dave Hollinger, Bob Skura
  • 1972 Dave Hollinger Tim McCutcheon, Dave Bogdon, Ed Heakes, Fred Wilder
  • 1975 Fred Wilder, Don McLean, Rick Haynes, Rob Ackford, Bob Pontin
  • 2003 Justin Fluit, Mark Burke Jud Whiteside, Mark VanderBeek, Jaspreet Walia
  • 2005 Justin Fluit, Mark VanderBeek, Jimmy Latta, Jud Whiteside, Arjun Walia
  • 2006 Jud Whiteside, Victor Ciesielski, Jimmy Latta, Matt Robson, Arjun Walia
  • 2011 Garrett Rank, Smon McInnis, Gajan Sivabalasingham, James Krantz, Adam Wilson
  • 2014 Gajan Sivabalasingham, Dylan Cave, Dan Wilson, Brandon Pearce, David French
  • 2015 Gajan Sivabalasingham, Dylan Cave, Jake Adams , Devin Bartlett , David French
  • 2016 Jake Adams, David French, Devin Bartlett, Tyson Turchanski, Jordy Denomme

Warrior women's teams have won the Liz Hoffman Cup awarded to OUA conference champions two times as follows

  • 2010 Tiffany Terrier, Devon Rizzo, Jane Tang, Mandy Wong
  • 2011 Devon Rizzo, Jane Tang, Mandy Wong, Heather Wogden

Warrior men who have won the McCall/Len Shore Individual Golf Champion Award for the conference the Warriors plays in are

  • 1961 Mike Whitney
  • 1972 Tim McCutcheon
  • 1995 Steve Woods
  • 2006 Jimmy Latta
  • 2010 Garrett Rank
  • 2011 Garrett Rank
  • 2014 Gajan Sivabalasingham
  • 2015 Gajan Sivabalasingham

Warrior women who have won the Individual Golf Champion Award for the conference Warriors plays in are

  • 2009 Tiffany Terrier
  • 2010 Tiffany Terrier
  • 2013 Devon Rizzo

Best finish in RCGA University College/University Team Championships


  • 2012 - 2nd Simon McGinnis, Gajan Sivabalasingham, Adam Wilson, James Krantz


  • 2011 - 3rd Tiffany Terrier, Devon Rizzo, Jane Tang, Mandy Wong

The golf Warriois have a long history of excellent coaches. Using a philosophy of encouraging players to be both excellent athletes and well rounded individuals they created a culture that has attracted many talented players. As a result the following coaches have been recognized by the OUA and RCGA as coach of the year

Men's OUA Coach of the Year

  • 2003 Doug Painter
  • 2005 Dave Hollinger
  • 2006 Dave Hollinger
  • 2010 Dave Hollinger
  • 2011 Dave Hollinger
  • 2014 Dave Hollinger
  • 2015 Dave Hollinger
  • 2016 Dave Hollinger

Women's OUA Coach of the Year

  • 2007 Carla Munch
  • 2008 Carla Munch

RCGA Men's Coach of the Year - Pearse Trophy

  • 2011 Dave Hollinger

Waterloo Warriors Hockey[edit]

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