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Watt (W) is the SI (Système International) unit of power named after the Scottish engineer James Watt.

Watt or WATT may also refer to:


  • Watt (surname), a surname (including a list of people with the name)
    • James Watt (1736–1819), Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer whose improvements to the steam engine were fundamental to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution
    • Watt of Sussex, Anglo-Saxon king of Sussex (ruled between about AD 692 and 725
  • Andrew Watt (musician), also known mononymously as Watt


Art, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • Watt (album), an album by the English blues rock band Ten Years After
  • Watt (novel), a book by Samuel Beckett
  • WATT, a Michigan, US AM radio station

Organizations and programs[edit]

Science and technology[edit]

  • Nominal watt, used to simplify the measurement of the efficiency of a loudspeaker
  • Watt balance, an experimental electromechanical weight measuring instrument
  • WATT System, technology for charging electric buses
  • Watt-hour (Wh), a unit of energy

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