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A webisode is an episode of a series, distributed as web television. It is available as either for download or in streaming, as opposed to first airing on broadcast or cable television; the format can be used as a preview, a promotion, as part of a collection of shorts, or a commercial. A webisode may or may not have been broadcast on TV. What defines it is its online distribution on the web, or through video-sharing web sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. While there is no set standard for length, most webisodes are short, ranging from 3–15 minutes in length, it is a single web episode, but collectively is part of a web series, a form called web television that characteristically features a dramatic, serial storyline, where the primary method of viewership is streaming online over the Internet. The term webisode was first introduced in the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary in 2009. Webisodes have become common in the midst of the post-broadcast era, which implies that audiences are drifting away past free-to-use television design.

The Post-Broadcast era has been influenced by new media formats such as the internet. Contemporary trends indicate that the Internet has become the dominant mechanism for accessing Media Content. In 2012, the Nielsen Company reported that the number of American households with television access has diminished for the second straight year, showing that viewers are transitioning away from broadcast television; the post-broadcast era is best defined as embodiment by a complex mediascape that cannot be maintained by broadcast television. These original web series are a means to monetize this transitional audience and produce new celebrities, both independently on the web and working in accordance to the previous media industry standards. Content has moved onto the web not through the conventional media's branded websites, but through video services like YouTube. Webisodes are noted for their use of the Internet for further exchange of information and gossip about the series on various social networks.

Webisodes are part of a trend called branded entertainment, growing due to the increased demand for marketers to find new methods to reach consumers in an era where the traditional media is losing viewers to the social web. Companies create a social buzz online using digitalmedia marketing to generate branded community-based destinations. Webisodes are used by marketers to form these destinations. In 2006, for example, hip-hop entrepreneur Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, started his own YouTube channel called "DiddyTV," which he used to post webisodes and blog about his life on tour. Combs built hype around the web series by using his social media sites, such as Myspace, to direct users to the YouTube channel. Combs' webisodes were sponsored by Burger King, which used the web series to generate a brand community. In 2007, Mini Cooper initiated an online marketing campaign to promote their new line of vehicles; the campaign consisted of six webisodes. Each week a new webisode went up on sites like YouTube.

The series was a spoof on the retro television show, Starsky & Hutch and was titled "Hammer & Coop." The series told the story of a 1970s based character named Hammer and his car named Coop, while highlighting the improvement of new Mini Cooper's interior. In 2011, Jeff Schroeder, known for his role in the reality series The Amazing Race, assisted AT&T with a digital marketing scheme based around webisodes; the campaign followed Schroeder around the world in 100 days using only his netbook. Some of the most notable webisodes are original comedies generated for an audience online viewers. Original comedies have become the preferred genre for webisodes because they deliver a low budget format for experimentation and prompt results; these original web comedies are a means to monetize the audience. The model for the popular website Funny or Die, is based on distributing a variety of original comedy web series. Comedians Will Ferrell and Adam McKay started this initiative with their series of webisodes about a vulgar two-year-old landlord.

The series was streamed over 50 million times on Funny or Die and led the site to earning over $50 million annually. Funny or Die received serious attention from major television outlets, resulting in a partnership with HBO and the program Funny or Die Presents, which aired its first episode on HBO in February 2010 and featured recycled footage that had run on the website. Origins: 1995: Created by the first Internet serialized fiction called The Spot created by Scott Zakarin It was used to describe the series. Derived words created at the time: Webisodic. 1996: Earlier usage by the textually based seaQuest 2047 to describe their periodic publications, beginning circa 1996. 1998–99: First public use of the word webisode, attributed to Stan Lee Media in the marketing and promotion of The 7th Portal online superhero series created by Jesse Stagg and Steven Salem. 2009: webisode is introduced as a word into the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Original net animation Vlog Webcast Web series Web television World Wide Web

Wannarot Sonthichai

Wannarot Sonthichai or nickname Vill, is a Thai film and television actress from Exact/OneHD. Wannarot Sonthichai, was born on 10 April 1989 in Thailand. Vill Wannarot's family consists of her father, Kate Sonthichai, younger sister; as a child, Vill Wannarot's parents enrolled her in piano lessons and dancing classes. Vill Wannarot entered the Thai entertainment industry alongside Son Songpaisarn when they both auditioned together at Exact. Son Songpaisarn and Vill Wannarot were paired up and debuted as leading roles in the lakorn, Kaew Lorm Petch, it achieved a rating of 17 for its highest rating for an episode. Yuke Songpaisan and Vill Wannarot became one of the most popular "koojins" during that era. NEUTROGENA ESSENTIAL DAMAGE CARE nivea super mousse "Kwarm Poog Pun Mai Dai" Gaam The Star "Yoo Peur Ter" Ruj the star "Hug" Bie Sukrit Wisedkaew "Yood Tee Ter" Premmanat Suwannanon "Ter Kher Thang Hua Jai" Gam Koonkornpach "Ngao Nai Hua Jai" Pex Zeal & Noona Neungthida Sopon "Tee Ruk" Ann Thitima Knock knock Campus U-pluz สุดสัปดาห์ แพรว Cleo Volume Shopping bag ภาพยนตร์บันเทิง Spicy TVPOOL Lisa Honeymoon Travel หญิงไทย Ploygampetch Her world สาวน่ากอด 2012 Kwan Ruen Wedding Koo Sang Koo Som Chee Wit Rak Wedding Guru Praew's 35th Birthday Dichan Finale Pap Pay On Ban Terng OHO Cheewa Chit WE Mix Banana Love Traveller's companion - Kobe, Japan Kul La Sa Tree Olive Kazz IGenglish Student Weekly DONT

William Soares (footballer, born 1985)

William Ribeiro Soares, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a Center Back for Portuguese club Académica de Coimbra. On 31 August 2016, Soares signed an one-year contract with Belgian club Standard Liège, with an option to extend for an extra season. On 25 January 2017, Soares returned to Hapoel Be'er Sheva. On 29 July 2017 Cypriot First Division club Omonia Nicosia announced the signing of Soares, he made his debut on 10 September 2017 against Ethnikos Achna on the 2017-18 season's premier. After only one season in Cyprus he returned with Académica. Only Israeli club career statistics Hapoel Be'er ShevaPremier League: 2015–16,2016-17 William Soares at Soccerway William Soares at ForaDeJogo

Cec Dixon

Cecil Donovan Dixon played first-class cricket between 1913 and 1924. Cec Dixon was tail-end batsman. From 39 innings he amassed just 184 runs with a top score of 27 and ended his career with an average below six, but he was a respected bowler who took five wickets in an innings on six occasions and ten wickets in a match once. His best figures, 7 for 16, were gained at the expense of Griqualand West in a Currie Cup match played at Johannesburg in 1923/24. In that season Dixon took 33 wickets at an average of 10 runs apiece, topped the national bowling averages and helped Transvaal to their eighth domestic title. Dixon was rather disappointing, his only success of note was against Scotland at Glasgow where he took 4 for 14 and 6 for 39 to gain his only five-wicket haul of the tour and the only ten-wicket match of his career. He did not play in any of the Tests on that tour, he had played his sole Test ten years earlier at Johannesburg. Playing against an England side led by J. W. H. T. Douglas in the third match of the series, Dixon failed to score in either innings and took three wickets for 118 runs in the match, including the great Jack Hobbs twice.

He played. Since his death in 1969 no obituary for him has appeared in Wisden Cricketer's Almanack. World Cricketers - A Biographical Dictionary by Christopher Martin-Jenkins, published by Oxford University Press; the Wisden Book of Test Cricket, Volume 1 compiled and edited by Bill Frindall, published by Headline Book Publishing. Cec Dixon at ESPNcricinfo Cec Dixon at CricketArchive

National People's Party (India)

The National People's Party is a national-level political party in India, though its influence is concentrated in the state of Meghalaya. The party was founded by P A Sangma after his expulsion from the NCP in July 2012, it was accorded national party status on 7 June 2019. It is the first political party from Northeastern India to have attained this status. In January 2013, P. A. Sangma launched the party on the national level, he announced that his party would be in alliance with the National Democratic Alliance led by Bharatiya Janta Party. Sangma reiterated that though the membership of the party is open to all, it shall be a tribalcentric party. Sangma, a nine-time Member of Parliament, had announced to form a new political party soon after his expulsion from the Nationalist Congress Party in July 2012, when he refused to accept party decision to quit the 2012 Indian presidential election. NPP contested the assembly election of Rajasthan in December 2013, under the leadership of Kirodi Lal Meena, a former BJP member and MP at the time of election and won four seats.

It is a part of North-East Regional Political Front consisting of political parties of the northeast which has supported the National Democratic Alliance. In 2015, in a rare move election commission has suspended NPP for its failure to provide party's expenditure during Lok Sabha Elections held in 2014. NPP became first party to get suspended by EC. In September 2015, the leaders of six parties—Samajwadi Party, Nationalist Congress Party, Jan Adhikar Party, Samras Samaj Party, National People's Party and Samajwadi Janata Party announced the formation of a third front known as the Socialist Secular Morcha. National People's Party is fighting on 3 seats as part of Socialist Secular Morcha in 2015 Bihar Legislative Assembly election. In May 2016, after the Bharatiya Janata Party led National Democratic Alliance formed its first government in Assam, formed a new alliance called the North-East Democratic Alliance with Himanta Biswa Sarma as its convener; the Chief Ministers of the north eastern states of Sikkim and Nagaland too belong to this alliance.

Thus, the National People's Party joined the BJP-led NEDA. The NPP won 4 seats. In March 2018, The NPP came second behind Indian National Congress by winning 19 seats in the 2018 Meghalaya legislative assembly election. Conrad Sangma staked claim to form government with a letter of support from the 34 MLA, that included 19 from NPP, 6 from United Democratic Party, 4 from People's Democratic Front, two each from Hill State People's Democratic Party and Bharatiya Janata Party, an independent, its election symbol is a book. The significance for the same is that the party believes that only literacy and education can empower the weaker sections; the party won a seat in 2014 Loksabha elections from Tura and Sangma became MP. After the death of P. A. Sangama, from this seat his son Conrad Sangma won by-election held in May 2016; the party had proposed to contest election and expand its base in tribal constituencies of Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, north West Bengal and the Northeast India.

In March 2018, the party won 19 out of 60 assembly seats in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly election 2018 and formed government in the state in coalition with BJP and other parties and party president Conrad Sangma sworn in as Chief Minister of the state. In May 2018, the party won Williamnagar Assembly seat in a by-election making its tally to 20 out of 60 assembly seats in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly


Hațeg is a town in Hunedoara County, Romania with a population of 9,340. Three villages are administered by the town: Nălațvad, Silvașu de Jos, Silvașu de Sus, it is situated in the historical region of Transylvania. In 1765, while part of the Habsburg controlled Principality of Transylvania, the settlement was militarised and integrated into the Second Border Company of the First Border Regiment from Orlat, until 1851, when that unit was disbanded. Țara Hațegului is the region around the town of Hațeg. The fossils found in the Hațeg area span over 300 million years of Earth's geologic history, showing tropical coral reefs and volcanic island in the Tethys Sea, primitive mammals and flying reptiles. Hațeg Island was an island during the Cretaceous Period where a dwarf species of sauropod dinosaur, Magyarosaurus dacus, lived until their extinction at the end of the Cretaceous. Baron Franz Nopcsa published articles about these Mesozoic-era archosaurs on Hațeg Island, his studies led to his theory of insular dwarfism, the notion that "limited resources" on small islands can lead to a down-sizing of the indigenous vertebrate animals.

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