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Welford National Park

Welford is a national park in Central West Queensland, Australia, 991 km west of Brisbane founded by Claire Gillman. It is located just to the south east of Jundah; the park was established in 1992 to protect the biodiversity of the mulga lands, mitchell grass and Channel Country ecoregions. The southern border is marked by the Barcoo River; the name of the park comes from the original owner of the grazing station, called Welford Downs after Richard Welford. Welford himself had named the station Walton; the rare yellow-footed rock-wallaby is found in the park as are aboriginal stone arrangements and water wells. Welford Homestead is heritage-listed homestead built in the early 1880s. Camping with a permit is allowed at two site along the Barcoo River. Recreational activities are centered on the permanent waterholes where visitors enjoy boating and kayaking. Protected areas of Queensland

Politics in the San Francisco Bay Area

Politics in the San Francisco Bay Area is regarded as one of the most liberal in the country. According to the California Secretary of State, the Democratic Party holds a voter registration advantage in every congressional district, State Senate district, State Assembly district, State Board of Equalization district, all nine counties, all of the 101 incorporated municipalities in the Bay Area; the Republican Party holds a voter registration advantage in one State Assembly sub-district. Since 1960, the nine-county Bay Area has voted for Republican presidential candidates only twice: in 1972 for Richard Nixon and in 1980 for Ronald Reagan, both Californians; the last county to vote for a Republican presidential candidate was Napa County in 1988 for George H. W. Bush. All nine counties in the Bay Area have a voter registration advantage in favor of the Democratic Party; every Congressional district in the Bay Area is represented by a Democrat. According to the Cook Partisan Voting Index, congressional districts the Bay Area tends to favor Democratic candidates by 40 to 50 percentage points above the mean for California and the nation overall.

All congressional districts in the region voted for Democrat Barack Obama over Republican John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election. During the Base Realignment and Closures of the 1990s all the military installations in the region were closed; the only remaining major active duty military installations are Travis Air Force Base and Coast Guard Island

Kenya Flower Council

The Kenya Flower Council is a voluntary body of industrial association for floriculture in Kenya. Its secretariat is in Nairobi; the Council is involved in issues of industry lobbying, worker safety, environmental protection, industrial regulation, industrial development and flower farming company accreditation, as well as more weighty issues of global carbon dioxide emissions and international industrial diplomacy. KFC Code of Practice is assigned to the whole flower industry in Kenya, promoting good agricultural practice and social accountability, while hygiene health and safety is respected along with capacity building, environmental protection and conservation to adhere to. In 1970, Kenya did not export floriculture crops, it is the major exporter to the European Union, as an exporter of 38% of cut flower into the EU; the main European Union markets are Holland, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. Kenya’s export of cut flowers for international flower market started to expand in 1990, both in volume and value year by year.

It was 10,946 tons in 1988, 86,480 tons and reached 122,825 tons in 2015. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in 2014, the flower farming industry earned Kshs 54.6 billion. The Kenya Flower Council was formed in 1996 to represent those independent Kenyan cut flower and ornamental plant growers with exporters, its membership counts 100 enlisted as of August 2016 with 3,000 small scale out growers; that membership provides over 65% of the flowers exported. The increasing demand in the UK market on mixed bouquets encouraged more direct sales from Kenya, in contrast to the conventional auction system. However, as Kenyan flower industry has grown to dominate the UK market and environmental strains was caused rooted in the rose farms surrounding Lake Naivasha, brought to the attention of EU media. In 2015, Kenya Flower Council announced to the flower industry to put up programs and implement compliance regulation nationwide in response to the importing nations and their move for stringent regulations.

However, the planning and advice the Council provided for the reform failed to meet the timetable set by the EU to result in penalty money on the industry. With a financial aid of 400,000 US dollars provided by the Dutch government for the program implementation, the KFC anticipated to involve all sectors in the Kenyan flower industry by the end of 2015. Kenya provides 40 percent of all European Union imports with its floricultural produces, the risk to lose competition against other developing cut flower exporters in the world put the industry in Kenya to meet the EU regulation in the form of tariff, lifted in December 2015. Rwanda is negotiated for ODA partnership with Kenyan government to gain support on cut flower industry. A development of flower park is initiated by KFC, expanding over 35 hectare is discussed located in 30 kilometers' radius from Kigali, Rwanda's capital. By 2017, estimated income to Rwandan government from the local flower farming industry will be in excess of $200 million, or annual yield of three million cut flowers Domestically, the Kenya Flower Council is affiliated with the Horticultural Crops Development Authority, the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya and with the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

It publishes a detailed Code of Practice and employs a rating system for its member companies, involving Gold Standard ranking, Silver Standard ranking and Associate rankings. Globally, the board subscribes to the Good Agricultural Practices guideline system of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, to GLOBALG. A. P. A yearly growth of 5 percent is anticipated for the flower industry in Kenya between 2016 and 2020, the government is going to continue investments as well as to accumulate and expand growth rate each year. According to KEBS in 2014, the floriculture industry earned Kshs 54.6 billion. HCDA reported provisional statistics in 2015 that Kshs 62.9 billion was earned by the Kenyan cut flower industry. Kenya Flower Council official site

Rick Shlosser

Rick Shlosser is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He has been a member of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. He's been a varied sessions drummer. Andy Pratt - Records Are Like Life Lamb - Bring Out the Sun Cris Williamson - Cris Williamson Ronnie Hawkins - The Hawk - Collection Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey Link Wray - Be What You Want To Eric Andersen - Blue River Pamela Polland - Pamela Polland Van Morrison - Saint Dominic's Preview Andy Pratt - Andy Pratt Van Morrison - Hard Nose the Highway Link Wray - The Link Wray Rumble Art Garfunkel - Breakaway The Manhattan Transfer - Coming Out Leo Sayer - Endless Flight Rod Stewart - A Night on the Town Bob Crewe - Street Talk Diana Ross - Baby It's Me David Castle - Castle in the Sky Rory Block - Intoxication So Bitter Sweet Leif Garrett - Leif Garrett Burton Cummings - My Own Way to Rock Andy Pratt - Shiver in the Night Topaz - Topaz Art Garfunkel - Watermark The Bellamy Brothers - Beautiful Friends Stephen Bishop - Bish King of Hearts - Close But No Guitar Etta James - Deep in the Night Burton Cummings - Dream of a Child Steve Harley - Hobo with a Grin Dusty Springfield - It Begins Again Nicolette Larson - Nicolette Ronnie Montrose - Open Fire The Hues Corporation - Your Place or Mine Dream Babies - Bombs Away Michael Christian - Boy from New York City Tom Johnston - Everything You've Heard Is True Ronnie Hawkins - Hawk Leo Sayer - Here Nicolette Larson - In the Nick of Time - Bill Quateman - Just Like You Lauren Wood - Lauren Wood Maria Muldaur - Open Your Eyes Gilberto Gil - Realce Adam Mitchell - Redhead in Trouble Adrian Gurvitz - Sweet Vendetta Juice Newton - Take Heart Barbra Streisand - Wet Alessi Brothers - Words & Music The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Make a Little Magic Livingston Taylor - Man's Best Friend John Cougar - Nothin' Matters and What If It Did Steve Cropper - Playin' My Thang Nicolette Larson - Radioland Raymond Louis Kennedy - Ray Kennedy Eric Carmen - Tonight You're Mine Burton Cummings - Woman Love Varions Artists - Endless Love Little Feat - Hoy-Hoy!

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Ryan Hinds (Canadian football)

Ryan Hinds is a retired professional Canadian football defensive back. He played college football for the New Hampshire Wildcats. A Biology major, In the 31 games he played, Hinds made 60 tackles, 5 interceptions, 20 pass break ups. Ryan Hinds sits on the Board of Directors for GTA Youth Athletics, a not-for-profit organization he began to teach children leadership through the sport of football, he was drafted by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the 2009 CFL Draft with the 13th pick in the second round. After being with the team for four seasons, he was released by the Tiger-Cats on August 14, 2013. Hinds signed with the Edmonton Eskimos about two weeks after being released by the Ti-Cats. Hinds played in 22 games for the Eskimos in three seasons, he was not re-signed by the club following the 2015 CFL season, became a free-agent on February 9, 2016. On February 19, 2016, Hinds agreed to a contract with the Ottawa RedBlacks. However, Hinds elected not to attend training camp, announcing via his agent that, "his heart wasn’t in it and he wasn’t going to play anymore".

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Rock of O√ętre

The Rock of Oëtre is situated in the middle of Norman Switzerland, in the commune of Saint-Philbert-sur-Orne, not far from the border between the départements of Calvados and Orne, equidistant from Thury-Harcourt and Écouché. It is one of the most prestigious lookouts in the west of France; the reputation of this precipice is founded on its breathtaking sheer drop: 118 metres. Neither tourists nor locals expect this kind of natural feature in Normandy, it is considered the most mountainous part of the region though not the highest, it has become, over time, one of the main attractions in Normandy. It is a popular lookout that gives a broad survey of the wooded groves of the Rouvre, the fast-flowing river in the valley, which can be reached by steps hewn from the rock; the natural surroundings are full with granite rocks, ravines and thicket. Many visitors come to find a calm place for their meditation. On arriving at the summit of the Rock, facing the precipice, one must advance 15 metres or 20 metres, to see, on the left, the peculiar feature of the site: the resemblance of a human face in profile.

This figure has been characterised as being many different people. One can argue whether it is the rock that forged the character of people over generations, or conversely if the people came to permeate it with the spirit of their nature; the surrounding area served as a natural hiding place for outlaws of all kinds: the "Fairy's Cave" was one of the most secure hiding places for Chouans and highwaymen. The rock stands proud proof that the Basse-Normandie region is Armorican, at least in its western half; the Armorican Massif does not stop at the border with Brittany, the neighbouring region, but extends to the départment of Manche, south-west of Calvados and west of Orne. Norman Switzerland is with the Rock at its centre. Thanks to the environmental awareness of the Orne département, the Rock of Oëtre harbours numerous species of plants and animals rare in France: the spring spergula or spurrey, the European green lizard and many species of lichen; these are prone to being trampled, so visitors should keep to the marked trails.

At the site's summit, around 35 metres from the edge, a new wooden pavilion was opened in May 2006. It offers visitors regional tourist information, a museum and shop, a bar-restaurant; the museum space will be used to let visitors discover the Mountains of Normandy with an interactive landscape and items about the long geological history of the oldest mountains in Europe, the Armorican Massif, from how, two thousand million years ago, they were more than 5 kilometres above sea level, to their present 417 metres. Website of' Norman Switzerland Tourism Office Description of the Rock, on the website of the General Council of Orne Website of the Maison de la Rivière et du Paysage