Wellington City mayoral election, 1876

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Wellington City mayoral election, 1876
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  William Hutchison, 1882.jpg
Candidate William Hutchison
Party Independent
Popular vote elected unopposed

Mayor before election

William Hutchison

Elected Mayor

William Hutchison

The Wellington City mayoral election, 1876 was part of the New Zealand local elections held that same year. William Hutchison, the incumbent Mayor sought re-election and retained office unopposed with no other candidates emerging.[1]


In his term as Mayor of Wellington, Hutchinson was mostly occupied with the issue of whether the Wellington Waterfront should be controlled by the city council directly or by a separate entity.[2] It would later result in the creation of the Wellington Harbour Board. It was the first of four instances between 1876 and 1898 where the mayoralty was uncontested.[3]


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