Welsh Clay Target Shooting Association

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The Welsh Clay Target Shooting Association (WCTSA) is the National Governing Body for Clay Target Shooting in Wales and represents the interests of all its members at National and International level.

The Association is made up of individual members and shooting grounds including some clubs, a board of directors, discipline reps and secretary. All the clay shooting disciplines are catered for with local shoots and also the registered shoots from which competitors are classified, championships are contested and international teams selected.

The WCTSA is a constituent member of the ICTSF (International Clay Target Shooting Federation), ICTSC (International Clay Target Shooting Council) and BICTSF (British International Clay Target Shooting Federation) and the WTSF (Welsh Target Shooting Federation). It does also work closely with the CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooting Association).

Membership of the WCTSA Ltd offers a comprehensive insurance package for all members which gives third party liability insurance cover up to 10 million pounds when taking part in all shotgun sports including clay shooting, rough shooting, game shooting and wildfowling; in essence a comprehensive package for all shooters.