Wemba Wemba language

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Eastern Central Murray
Region Victoria
Ethnicity Wemba-Wemba
Extinct (date missing)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 xwwinclusive code
Individual codes:
rnr – Nari-Nari
rbp – Baraba-Baraba
weg – Wergaia
xwt – Wotjobaluk
Glottolog west2443  incl. MadhiLadjiWadi[1]

Wemba-Wemba is an extinct Indigenous Australian language once spoken along the tributaries of the Murrumbidgee River.

Jardwadjali (with dialects Jagwadjali, Nundadjali, Mardidjali) may be Wemba-Wemba,[3] or may be closer to the Madhi–Ladji–Wadi varieties.



Labial Velar Dental Palatal Alveolar Retroflex
Stop p k c t ʈ
Nasal m ŋ ɲ n ɳ
Lateral l ɭ
Rhotic r ɽ
Approximant w j


Front Central Back
Close ɪ, i ʊ, u
Mid ɛ, e ə ɔ, o
Open a

Voiced consonant sounds only occur within prenasalized stops. Prenasal consonants include: /mb/ /nd/ /ndy/ /ng/ and /rnd/. In phonetic form they are pronounced as [mb] [nd] [ɲɟ] [ŋɡ] and [ɳɖ].[4]

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