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West African Football Academy

West African Football Academy SC. is a Ghanaian football club based near Sogakope in the Volta Region, founded by Feyenoord from Rotterdam. They are competing in the Ghana Premier League; the 2017 season was successful as the side finished second in the Premier League, beating Hearts of Oak 5-0 along the way. Feyenoord's chairman Jorien van den Herik was given permission for the opening of Feyenoord's own football academy in the Ghanaian settlement of Gomoa Fetteh, just outside the capital Accra; the go-ahead was given by the Chief of Fetteh in 1998. At the academy, young talented African footballers could work on their football skills. In addition to helping their football potential the students were provided with formal education, funded by Feyenoord; the idea for Feyenoord’s own football academy was born in Abidjan. Jorien van den Herik was there to sign the still unknown Bonaventure Kalou and got into contact with the education institute at Kalou’s club; that same year the head of the youth education flew to Africa to take stock in the project and returned with a praising report.

In January 1998 the ball got rolling: Feyenoord would start its own Football School in Africa. Former Feyenoord player Mohammed Abubakari was the first player that graduated from the academy and achieved a professional contract at Feyenoord. Before Abubakari's move, Jordan Opoku spent some time at Excelsior and Royal Antwerp FC before returning to Ghana. In the buildup to the 2008–09 season, right-back Harrison Afful went on trial with Feyenoord, but was not offered a contract. In August 2014 Feyenoord was rebranded in West African Football Academy. In the same year, the club took over the old Red Bull Academy near Sogakope and moved from their old location in Gomoa Fetteh to this new location in the Volta Region; the following clubs are affiliated with Feyenoord Gomoa Fetteh: ASEC Mimosas Feyenoord Rotterdam Official site

Kate Andersen Brower

Kate Andersen Brower is an American journalist and author who has written three books about the White House, two of which have been New York Times bestsellers, The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House, First Women: The Grace & Power of America's Modern First Ladies, First in Line: Presidents, Vice presidents, the Pursuit of Power. She covered the White House for Bloomberg News during President Barack Obama's first term and before that she worked at CBS News and Fox News as a producer, she is a CNN contributor and has written for the New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, The Smithsonian. She is a graduate of Oxford University. Brower's book The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House has been called a "groundbreaking" backstairs look at the maids and butlers and other professionals who work at the White House; the book hit number 1 on the nonfiction New York Times Best Seller list. Netflix has optioned the TV rights to the book with Shonda Rhimes producing.

Her second nonfiction book, First Women: The Grace & Power of America's Modern First Ladies, examined the lives of the First Ladies of the United States. The book was called a "gossipy, but deep, look at the women who help and sometimes overshadow their powerful husbands."Her third nonfiction book, First in Line, covers every vice president of the modern era, from Richard Nixon to Joe Biden and Mike Pence. The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House First Women: The Grace & Power of America's Modern First Ladies First in Line: Presidents, Vice presidents, the Pursuit of Power Appearances on C-SPAN

Sleepers (album)

Sleepers is the solo album from Rapper Big Pooh of North Carolina's Little Brother. It followed on the heels of bandmate Phonte's album with The Foreign Connected; the album features contributions and guest spots from Phonte, Nicolay, 9th Wonder and Los Angeles-based rapper Murs. It begins with an audio clip from film director Spike Lee's 1988 film, School Daze, features a few audio excerpts from Christopher Nolan's 2002 film Insomnia throughout the album. On July 3, 2012, Rapper Big Pooh released Sleepers: The Narcoleptic Outtakes on his label For Members Only, consisting of songs that didn't make the final track listing of Sleepers. Notes "Now" is a remix of "Keep the Bling" by Rapper Big Pooh, produced by Khrysis; this song would appear on the Triple Play EP by the Justus League collective. Art Direction – Christopher Gregory, Mischa "Dho" Burgess, Big Pooh Design – Christopher Gregory Executive Producer – Mischa "Dho" Burgess, Big Pooh Management – Mischa "Dho" Burgess Mastered By – Dave Kutch Photography By – Jati Lindsey, Kimberly Wu Recorded & Mixed By – 9th Wonder, Big Dho, Khrysis

Girl Next Door

A girl next door is a character archetype of a sweet and caring girl a love interest for a male lead. Girl Next Door may refer to: The Girl Next Door, a 1953 musical comedy film The Girl Next Door, a TV movie starring Tracey Gold The Girl Next Door, featuring porn star Stacy Valentine The Girl Next Door, a drama starring Polly Shannon The Girl Next Door, a teen comedy starring Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert The Girl Next Door, a horror film based on the Jack Ketchum novel The Girls Next Door, a reality television series Girl Next Door, a 2000 Japanese erotic original video animation "The Girl Next Door", an episode of the television show Veronica Mars "The Girl Next Door", a promotional web series for the American sitcom Girls Next Door, an American country group Girl Next Door, a Japanese pop group Girls Next Door, a fictional South Korean pop group in Idol Drama Operation Team. A project girl group; the Girl Next Door, 1989 Evelyn King album Girl Next Door, 2008 Girl Next Door "The Girl Next Door", alternative title to The Boy Next Door, a song by Judy Garland, recorded by Frank Sinatra and others "The Girl Next Door", a song from the 1954 film Athena "Girl Next Door", 2001 "Girl Next Door", 2002 "Girl Next Door", 2005 "Girl Next Door", 2016 "The Girl Next Door", a song by Screeching Weasel on the album Kill the Musicians, covered by Blink-182 "Girl Next Door", a single by New Zealand musician, Massad "Girl Next Door", the theme song for My Babysitter's a Vampire "Girl Next Door", single by Lee Matthews from his 2015 album It's a Great Day to Be Alive "Girl Next Door", a song by Trixie Mattel from the album Barbara The Girl Next Door, by Jack Ketchum The Girl Next Door, a novel by Ruth Rendell Boy Next Door


Osoppo is a comune in the Province of Udine in the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, located about 90 kilometres northwest of Trieste and about 25 kilometres northwest of Udine. Osoppo borders the following municipalities: Buja, Forgaria nel Friuli, Gemona del Friuli, San Daniele del Friuli, Trasaghis. Osoppo hosts a large fortress, now an historical attraction, it played a large role in the defense of Venice against the Austrians in the late 1850s during the time of the Italian Unification of Italy. It was shortly after one of the main battles at this fortress that Leonardo Andervolti composed his treatise, Meritorious Champions of Italian Independence, a eulogy to a mythical figure, Enrico Ulissi. Osoppo is twinned with: Rosegg, Austria Argelato, Italy Comune of Osoppo

Asiatic long-tailed climbing mouse

The Asiatic long-tailed climbing mouse is a species of rodent found in South and Southeast Asia. It is known as ගස් මීයා by Sinhalese people. Head and body length is 7–9 cm. Tail is 10–12 cm. Reddish brown upperparts grading on the sides to light yellowish brown. Underparts are light. Long tail is dark, slender with no tuft at tip. Largish hind feet with nails instead of claws on the outer toes. Prakash, K. L.. "Chromosome complexity in the Indian long-tailed tree mouse". The Journal of Heredity. 67: 249–250. Doi:10.1093/oxfordjournals.jhered.a108722. PMID 972253. Raman, R.. "Unique multiple sex chromosomes of the tree mouse Vandeleuria o. Oleracea: Identification of X1 and X2". Heredity. 37: 435–439. Doi:10.1038/hdy.1976.109. PMID 1070486. Sreenivasan, M. A.. "Susceptibility of Vandeleuria oleracea Bennet, 1832 to experimental infection with Kyasanur forest disease virus". The Indian Journal of Medical Research. 64: 568–572. PMID 184037. Callahan, R.. "Isolation of an endogenous type C virus related to the infectious primate type C viruses from the Asian rodent Vandeleuria oleracea".

Journal of Virology. 30: 124–131. PMC 353306. PMID 90155. Gropp, A.. J.. "Robertsonian Chromosomal Variation in the Longtailed Tree Mouse". Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research. 10: 210–214. Doi:10.1111/j.1439-0469.1972.tb00798.x