West of Scotland Amateur Football League

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West of Scotland Amateur Football League
Founded 1898
Country Scotland
Confederation UEFA
Divisions Premier Division
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid N/A
Promotion to Premier
Relegation to First Division
Domestic cup(s) Scottish Amateur Cup
West of Scotland Cup
Website Official website

The West of Scotland Amateur Football League (WoSAFL) is a football (soccer) league competition, primarily for amateur clubs in the west of Scotland. It was formed in 1898 and claims to be the oldest amateur league in world football. The association is affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Football Association.

Member Clubs[edit]

As of season 2017–18, the West of Scotland AFL had sixteen member clubs.

League Structure[edit]

The West of Scotland AFL currently contains sixteen teams competing in a solitary division until December at which point the league splits into a Premier and First Division. As a stand-alone Association and not part of Scotland's pyramid system, the Premier Division does not act as a feeder league.

The league setup for season 2017–18:




West of Scotland AFL Premier Division
16 clubs playing 30 games

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