Western Somali Democratic Party

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Western Somali Democratic Party (WSDP; also known as Somali Galbed) is a political party in Ethiopia. It emerged from the Western Somali Liberation Front in 1975; the former President of the Somali Region, Hassan Jire Kalinle, has been the party chairman since 1994; the vice chairman of the party is Joseph Nur.

In the 2005 regional elections, the WSDP won one seat (of 182) in the legislature of the Somali Region.[1] In 2000 it had won 3 out of 168; the principal strongholds of the WSDP's support is around Jigjiga, Kebri Dahar and Warder.[2] In the 1995 elections, the WSDP won 15 of the 135 seats in the regional parliament and 1 of the 25 seats assigned to the Somali Region.[3]