Where Quantity Is Job Number 1

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Where Quantity Is Job #1
Propagandhi - Where Quantity Is Job Number 1 cover.jpg
Original cover art
Compilation album by
ReleasedNovember 15, 1998
Recordedc. 1989–c. 1996
GenrePunk rock
LabelG7 Welcoming Committee Records
Propagandhi chronology
Less Talk, More Rock
Where Quantity Is Job #1
Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
Alternative cover
Album cover in high-contrast black and white showing a young punk, aged about 20, standing in front of lockers and half-smiling at the viewer. He has a mohawk haircut and four or five pins on his jacket, with band names GBH, DOA, and others. A small inscription in the lower left of the image says "jord '86". At the very top reads "Propagandhi" in a childlike font, and at the very bottom reads "Where Quantity Is Job #1" in the same font.
Re-release cover

Where Quantity Is Job #1 is an album by the punk rock band Propagandhi, released on November 15, 1998. It is a compilation of rare, out-of-print, live, and demo recordings, as well as Propagandhi's half of I'd Rather Be Flag-Burning, a 10" split with I Spy.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mutual Friend" – 0:45
  2. "Instrumental" – 0:29 (also known as "... Little Ditty")
  3. "And We Thought Nation States Were a Bad Idea" – 2:27
  4. "Utter Crap Song" – 1:27
  5. "Oka Everywhere" – 2:19
  6. "Noam Chomsky" – 0:32 (also known as "Chomsky Being Smart")
  7. "Hallie Does Hebron" – 3:31
  8. "Homophobes Are Just Mad Cuz They Can't Get Laid" – 1:41
  9. "True" (Jim Mankey, Johnette Napolitano) – 1:40
  10. "Todd's Incredibly Professional Station ID for 4ZZZ Brisbane" – 0:17
  11. "Contest Song" – 2:14
  12. "Firestorm, My Ass" – 1:02
  13. "Refusing to Be a Man" (different studio version) – 3:14
  14. "Resisting Tyrannical Government" (different studio version) – 2:25
  15. "Laplante Song" (live) – 1:48
  16. "Leg-Hold Trap" (live) – 4:37
  17. "Laplante/Smith Song" (live) – 3:00
  18. "White, Proud and Stupid" – 3:19
  19. "Fine Day" – 2:53
  20. "Stand Up and Be Counted" (Conrad Lant, Jeffrey Dunn) – 4:36
  21. "Pigs Will Pay" (live) – 2:13
  22. "Government Cartoons" (live) – 3:32
  23. "Anti-Manifesto" (live) – 4:00
  24. "Less Talk, More Rock" (live) – 1:36
  25. "Gamble" (live) (Ron Hawkins) – 4:20
  26. "Ska Sucks" (live) – 1:48
  27. "Bent" (Sudden Impact cover) – 2:12
  28. "Degrassi Junior High Drop-Outs" – 1:36
  29. "Hidden Curriculum" – 1:04
  30. "The Van Lament" – 3:49

Album notes[edit]

The first seven tracks appeared on I'd Rather Be Flag-Burning in 1995, a 10" split with I Spy. Tracks 1 to 5, and track 7 were recorded and mixed over two days (date unknown) at God of Thunder Studios (a laundry room)[1] by Paul James, Tim Clarke, and Chris Brett. A slightly different version of Track 3 had previously appeared as "Nation States" on the 1996 Fat Wreck Chords compilation Fat Music, Vol. II: Survival of the Fattest, and as "...And We Thought Nation States Were a Bad Idea" on their second studio album, Less Talk, More Rock.

  • Track 8 was recorded during the How to Clean Everything sessions, but did not appear on the album. It was included on the 1994 Fat Wreck compilation Fat Music for Fat People, with a slightly different title: "Homophobes Are Just Pissed Cause They Can't Get Laid".
  • Track 9 ("True") is a cover of Concrete Blonde, from the 1987 album Concrete Blonde. It is among the first songs Propagandhi recorded with bassist Todd Kowalski; this recording was included on the 1997 Fat Wreck Chords compilation Fat Music Vol. III: Physical Fatness.
  • Tracks 11 to 14 were recorded in San Francisco, in an early unsuccessful attempt to record Less Talk, More Rock.
  • Tracks 15 to 17 were recorded live by "Mark the Butcher" in 1992 at the Royal Albert Arms Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Tracks 18 and 19 were recorded in 1991; track 19 was recorded in Charleswood, Winnipeg.
  • Track 20 is a cover of Venom, from the 1984 album At War with Satan. Propagandhi originally recorded the song for a compilation of punk bands covering metal songs, but Propagandhi later backed out.
  • Tracks 21 and 22 were recorded at Corefest in 1993.
  • Tracks 23 to 26 were recorded live by "Sanni" in Linz, Austria in 1996.
  • Track 25 ("Gamble") is a cover of The Lowest of the Low, from the 1994 album Hallucigenia.
  • Tracks 27 and 28 were recorded in 1989 with Propagandhi's original bass player, Scott "Fenwich" Hopper. Track 27 ("Bent") is a cover of Canadian hardcore band Sudden Impact, from the 1985 album No Rest from the Wicked.
  • Track 29 was recorded on 4-track in 1991 or 1992.
  • Track 30 was recorded "about 15 minutes" north of Pierre, South Dakota on New Year's Day (year unknown)


  • CD insert for Where Quantity Is Job #1. 1998. G7 Welcoming Committee Records.
  1. ^ "Digital liner notes for Where Quantity Is Job #1" (pdf). G7 Welcoming Committee Records.

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